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  1. 1. Color. The hair color of purebred Corgi is mainly two -color and three colors. The back is mostly yellow or black. The back color of the back is deeper and then gradually becomes light or white to both sides. Whether it is a two -color Corgi dog or a three -color Corgi dog, the color of the back is relatively single.

    2. Eyes. Under normal circumstances, the eyes of purebred Corgi are black, the shape of the eyes is generally oval, and the color of the eyes is generally consistent with the color of the hair on the body.

    3. Ear. The overall of purebred Corgi's ears looks relatively round, but in the top position, it is relatively pointed. The overall shape is triangle. If you pull Corgi's ears, you can just cover the front of Corgi's eyes. This is purebred Corgi.

    4. Tail. Most of the Corgi dogs are broken tails. Their tails are short. The unbroken parts and the back are naturally down, not bent. You can take a look when you buy it.

    5. Body. The body of the purebred Cocyle is generally short. Progressure of the sternum is their most significant feature. The body is long and strong. From the elbow, it is slightly bent in the past. In addition, Corgi is easy to get fat, so they need to go out to exercise training so that they can maintain a good figure. During the training, you can feed some molars snacks (such as chicken dried) as a reward.

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