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  1. Dog feeding knowledge feeds food that conforms to the age of pet dogs. Everyone knows that when the child is young, she has to give her milk powder and rare food, because of digestive problems, problems of incomplete teeth, etc. Such foods are suitable for children.
    The same is true for pets. Children's pets have to eat young food, middle -aged food, older food, older foods, and the weight of each age is different.
    So when you recommend dogs here, if you feed dog food, you should soak the dog food softer first, and then add a little milk in an appropriate amount. There are too many different problems. Similarly, soft food is mainly controlled, and meat should be properly controlled.
    The pet dogs have two meals a day. Each meal is not rich and not given snacks casually. Just give the dog just seven minutes full, don't overdo it. Because dogs like activities, if you eat a lot, running and jumping after meals can spit out the food. Especially the dogs who are often locked in the cage always have the phenomenon of not eating enough. In fact, they are not very hungry, but they are very nobble, so don't give me the meals and give me snacks, which will develop its bad like.
    In everyone knows that dogs just like to bones. In fact, bones are easy to block the dog's intestines, causing constipation of constipation, making their appetite worse. In particular, the chicken bones are urgent, the chicken bones are small and crispy, it is easy to plug the esophagus, and sometimes it can pierce the gastrointestinal and intestines. When feeding, give enough water, because the dogs also like to drink a little water after eating, and drinking water after meals can help digestion instead of hindering digestion.
    The timeliness, quantitative, fixed -point, feeding meets the age of pets, and the portion is sufficient to have rice and water. I believe that everyone can raise the dogs better and better according to this rule. Like the master.
    Is about the feeding knowledge and precautions of the little milk dog generally have 2-3 babies a year, and there are many puppies in one child. Different body types and varieties of dogs have different numbers of babies per child. Some dogs can even produce 10-15 puppies. So if the dogs have a lot of puppy at home, the owner will need more enthusiastic about the owner of the dog's mother and baby. The following is the feeding method for a child to have multiple dogs.
    1. Diet.
    I due to the problem of the number of nipples of the dog's milk and whether the milk is sufficient, or because of the large number of small milk dogs, it is impossible to ensure that each milk dog can eat milk, then it is necessary to help the dogs eat milk. Every time the dog mother feeds the puppy, it can be carried out in batches. For example, two batches. After the first batch of milk, take it away, and put the second batch of dogs to feed it, so as to ensure that each dog baby drinks milk. Newborn little milk dogs are fed every two to three hours.
    It attention:
    It dog mothers due to strong desire to protect during breastfeeding. If someone finds someone to hold their own dog baby, they may attack humans. Therefore, you must pay attention to this. If you find that the bitch has a tendency to attack, wait until the bitch leaves, feeding the puppy artificially. This requires the owner to pay more attention to which dog babies have not eaten milk, and they can also observe by combining the size of the dog's belly. After this article, it will explain how to feed the little milk dog manually.
    This mother can take care of its babies very well. After the dog's mother produces, observe more. If there is no special case, try not to interfere with the dog's mother too much.
    2. Insulation.
    The warm and comfortable nest for the dog mother and baby, dry, ventilated, but not allowed to blow directly. The old clothing and blankets can be added properly in the nest to keep warm. Even in summer, you should pay attention to the heat preservation of milk dogs. Do not put it directly on the cold floor, otherwise the dog baby will easily cause diarrhea due to cold.
    3. Hygiene.
    This environment is clean and tidy to keep the dog's environment, and the blankets used during childbirth should be replaced in time after giving birth to prevent bacterial infection. If the dog's or baby's mouth or body has dirt on her body, it should be scrubded gently with a small amount of warm water with a clean paper towel. Remember not to take a bath for breastfeeding dogs and dogs within 40 days.
    4. Observe more.
    For dogs who have given more babies, they must observe more to prevent the dog's mother from putting it in the heart to the baby. Observe the health of dogs and babies. If there is diarrhea and mental deficiency, you should go to a regular pet hospital for medical treatment in time.
    5. Dog's diet.
    The mother's appetite for one to two days after giving birth. At this time, pay attention to the provision of nutrition to supplement calcium, protein, and vitamins for the dog mother. You can drink some catfish soup to replenish milk, or soup and egg yolk. It is also a good choice. Some dogs are allergic to milk, so it is best not to feed the dog milk. Pay attention to sufficient drinking water within two days after giving birth. It is best to drink warm water with warm water. Do not feed cold water directly. At 3 days after delivery, pay attention to increasing meat supplements, and can be provided by eating less.
    . For the feeding method of small milk dogs without a dog mother.
    The baby dogs have left their mothers who left it after full moon or just born. For such small milk dogs, they must be very careful. Below is the method of manually feeding small milk dogs.
    1. Prepare sheep milk powder or dogs for dogs, go to a regular pet hospital or supermarket to buy. Although some people say that they can also feed baby formula milk powder, for safety reasons, it is recommended to feed goat milk powder. Do not feed milk. Drinking milk after drinking milk can easily cause diarrhea.
    2. Prepare a dog bottle for a dog, or a small bottle for infants. There is really no bottle to use a one -time injection of a syringe.
    3. Millet powder is allocated at a ratio of 1: 7, or refer to the instructions for use of milk powder. Drop a drop of milk on the back of the hand, the temperature is not cold or hot, it is too cold or too hot to feed the milk dog to drink. Dogs that are born within one week, feed every two hours, and drink about 2ml of milk each time. More than a week of milk dogs can gradually extend the feeding interval and increase the amount of breastfeeding. After breastfeeding, you can observe the dog's stomach. If the belly is slightly drum, it means that the dog is full.
    4. Little milk dogs do not defecate themselves, they need to gently wipe the dog's PP with paper towels. Wipe with a clean paper towel dipped in warm water a few times, and the puppy will usually defecate immediately. Every time the dog eats milk, he will wipe the dog's PP to help them defecate.
    5. Do not take a bath for milk dogs, especially milk dogs within 40 days.
    6. Insulation for milk dogs. The little milk dog is more afraid of cold. Without the body temperature of the dog's mother, it is easy to get sick. You can prepare soft blankets and clean and soft clothes for the dogs. When the weather is cold, you can heat the water bottle to keep the dog the dog. Of course, the temperature of the warm water bag is not hot. Towel insulation can be wrapped outside the warm water bag to prevent burns from dogs.
    7. If the eyes of the milk dog are not opened, you can observe whether the milk dog can stand up completely. If you can't stand up and explain that the milk dog is less than two weeks old, you should watch whether the milk dog will open his eyes for some time, and don't make it artificially open the milk of the milk. If the dog has not opened his eyes for more than 20 days, you may have eye diseases, and you should take it to a regular pet hospital for treatment in time.
    8. The milk dog is a natural departure period in 30 ~ 45 days. After 30 days of milk dogs, it can gradually wean it and feed the little dog milk cake. At this time, the milk dog is in the stage of teeth, but because the teeth are not yet mature, they cannot bite the dried dog food, so that the dog milk cake can be softened with warm water and feeds the dog. Dogs over 60 days can be fed with dried dog food.
    . How to judge the age of the little milk dog?
    1. Look at the umbilical cord. The milk dogs born 1 to 3 days will have a dry umbilical cord. Even if the umbilical cord has fallen off, obvious traces can be seen in the navel.
    2. Look at the eyes. Dogs that are born about 1 to 10 days of birth generally have not opened their eyes, and they will not open until about 12-15 days.
    3. Look at the teeth. Newborn dogs generally start to grow slowly growing on the deciduous teeth after 15 days. 3 ~ 4 months of deciduous teeth can be completely long.
    4. Look at the status. The milk dog can generally stand up at 15 to 20 days. If you can run around and play for almost 30 days.

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