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  1. All domestic courier companies do not transport living bodies. At present, there are only four ways to consign dogs: bus consignment, train consignment, air shipping, pet special cars, etc.

    Pets to consignment.
    1. Early in place: consult the airline three days in advance to consult and book the cabin. Because the transportation pets must be equipped with oxygen warehouse aircraft, re -order in advance and arrive at the freight office three hours before taking off. Arrive with the owner.
    2. Avoid squeezing: First of all, prepare strong and durable special air box transportation. On the one hand, domestic airlines have certain requirements for living cargo packaging, and on the other hand, the pets themselves are safe. Furthermore, you can use a tape to bundle a plastic product on the aviation box to prevent the transport staff from pressing other items on the box.
    3, do not turn: As long as the journey does not turn, the possibility of pets by mistake is much less likely.
    4, sedative: If the dog is easily nervous or stimulated, you can consult the veterinarian first to buy some sedatives to help it alleviate emotions.
    5, it is best to put your own name and contact information on the pet suitcase, as well as the destination of the flight number, and bring the collar and identity card to the pet to indicate the identity and contact method of the pet Accident. [Click to query pet consignment freight]

    In the information about pet consignment, it is recommended to choose my favorite pet. It belongs to the development of the times, and realizes the combination of online and offline, and solves the difficult points of the traditional model consultation, quotation, and tracking. Professional drivers come to the door to pick up pets, ensure pet safety throughout the process, use ice packs and air conditioners, feed on demand, professional pet carriages, exclusive pet airport safety channels, exclusive airport VIP lounges to completely solve the risk of traditional pets. Pets are more intimate to buy transportation accident insurance for each pet, so that customers will never fall out of favor. [Click to query pet check -in process]

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