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  1. P. Bomei (details introduction)
    Pme dogs can be said to be a kind of dog breed once, almost at that time, most of the dogs you see are Pomeranian dogs. Although their scenery is not as good as that year, they are still a popular dog. So if we want to raise a Bomei dog, how can we raise it and how can Pomeranian feed.

    1. Maintain enough water supply. Bomei dogs need to drink about 150cc of water every day.
    2. The needs of fat, Bomei dogs can obtain the fat required in all aspects through food reasonably, making the dog look more beautiful.
    3. Carbohydrates, if you want to make Bomei dogs more beautiful and healthier, you can give dogs some carbohydrates such as cereals, rice, and other carbohydrates. At the same time s help.
    4. Vitamin, many owners often ignore this problem, but strictly speaking, dogs also need vitamins to optimize their physique and appearance, such as vitamin tablets, calcium tablets, bone meal, and so on.
    5. Meat, meat can promote the dog's metabolism for dogs and help dog cell tissue regenerate. At the same time, the dog search network is worth mentioning Keeping meat is rich in protein. Of course, even if feeding dog meat can bring some benefits to dogs, the owner must remember that the meat cannot exceed 50 % of the dog food and feed cooked meat.
    It to raise a Pay -American dog, you must first ensure the correctness and safety of feeding. Do not always take some foods we eat to feed them, because this not only cannot meet the needs of dog nutrition, but also will also It has a serious impact on the dog's mouth, so as the owner must pay attention to this problem.

  2. Xinfei Inu House No. 12: Uncle Inu House talks about the characteristics and feeding knowledge of Pomeranian dogs, it is true, learned

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