Pet doctor gives dog sterilization and was revenge for 4 years! Why do you need to do sterilization for dogs?

5 thoughts on “Pet doctor gives dog sterilization and was revenge for 4 years! Why do you need to do sterilization for dogs?”

  1. Because this can prevent the dog from entering the estrus period, which will cause the temper to become more irritable and will bite the master of pedestrians or pet dogs.
    Dogs are always the most loyal friends of human beings, but the dogs will also bite people under this special circumstances. For example, strangers are in contact, or dogs are in estrus. At this time, the dog's temper became more and more irritable, and it was avoided without artificial means. Then the probability of dog bite will increase greatly, and sometimes even the owner will bite.
    The pet doctor for dogs for dogs and being revenge for 4 years.
    A pet dog doctor, after seeing a stray dog ​​on the street. In order to help stray dogs, a sterilization surgery was performed for the dog. But in the past 4 years, the dog has been squatting at the door of the pet doctor. Whenever the pet doctor goes out, the pet dog will scream loudly at the door of the house and be ridiculed by many netizens. When you think that when a pet doctor is sterilizing for a dog, he must blindly the dog's eyes, so that the dog cannot distinguish who is the poisonous hand.
    Because dogs will enter the estrus period within a certain time.
    For many pets, sterilization surgery is inevitable. The reason for sterilization of pets is in the final analysis to avoid pet dogs and other pets entering the estrus period. There is a big difference between animals and humans. Once animals enter the estrus, the habits and living characteristics will become different. Sometimes it will do a bite, so sterilization surgery can avoid entering the estrus period from the dog, and it can also avoid the occurrence of pet dog bites.
    So the consequences of avoiding trouble.
    It is to avoid bringing more trouble, because if you do not sterilize pet dogs. So after the pet dog enters the estrus period, it not only becomes more irritable in terms of temper. Especially after the pet dog is pregnant, the puppy given will become a burden on a family. Because the cost of breeding pets is higher, let alone a large number of puppies.

  2. The reasons for the sterilization of dogs for dogs are: to prevent the dog from being exposed to the opposite sex during the estrus, the sexual temperament will produce an attacker; prevent the dog from running out to find the descendants of the heterosexual dog breeding. , Form a large number of stray dog ​​groups affecting the environment; effectively reduce the probability of dogs with diseases of dogs and make dogs live longer. Adult animals will secrete relevant stimulus hormones in the fixed month of each year. Let them take the initiative to find the future generations. We call this stage of finding the heterosexual breeding period as the estrus period, and the dog also has a period of estrus. There are survival of the fittest in the natural environment, so animals often need to fight during the period of estrus. At this time, the animals were very irritable. As long as it is a little angry, it will attack you. Therefore, it is necessary to sterilize these estrus animals in order to be better and safer to raise. The following is a few views of sterilization for dogs.
    In breeding dogs are irritable during the estrus, attacked people, and attacked other animals. Natural environment often has the right to mate and reproduce offspring. So during the estrus of animals, we can see animals fight and compete for territory behavior. During this period, the animal temperament is very irritable. As long as you do a little provocative behavior, you will take the initiative to attack you. Therefore, for dogs around you, sterilization should be performed in adulthood, otherwise it is likely to hurt the owner's safety. Prevent dogs from going out to find other wild dogs to reproduce offspring. Causes a large number of wandering paparazzi to affect environmental safety. If dogs are raised in the suburbs or rural areas, no sterilization is not made, and other wild dogs may be found during the estrus to reproduce offspring. On average, one dog and one nest can have at least three, so that a large number of wild dogs will affect the biological balance of the local area. It is also very dangerous to threaten pedestrians. This behavior after dog sterilization will disappear. Effectively reduce the probability of dogs with genital diseases and make dogs healthier. Most dogs are naked during her estrus, and they can produce bacterial infections in the air for a long time. Causes reproductive organs. Dogs can effectively solve this problem after adulthood. As far as I understand that sterilization animals usually live longer than sterilization animals. The above is the reason why the dogs I summarized. Here we must also call on everyone to raise dogs to love dogs, and do not let dogs abandon the stray dogs to affect the safety of the community.

  3. It can make the dog's life longer and healthier, because after the sterilization, the dog will not have urinary tract infection or a series of reproductive system diseases.

  4. Maybe the owner is afraid that his pets often suffer from pain in life, so they will do this. It is also to help the other party reduce the pain and distress their pets.

  5. Most people want to support dogs to be more docile, and some people hope that there is this dog at home. They don't want to have more. They will choose.

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