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  1. The dog must be vaccinated when buying it, because it is easy to get the problem and die without vaccination. If you have to rest assured, you can go to the nearest epidemic prevention bureau near your home. That's the government. The dogs bought in the city basically have not been vaccinated. The vaccine is to take one shot and two coupons first, one month and four coupons in one month, and one month in a month. If you are together, you will know where you ask the vaccine, and they will talk about it in detail with you.
    The dogs need to be deworming. You can buy Bayer in Germany for him. It is almost the same as the vaccine once a year. He should not take him out five months ago, and it is easy to get a problem.

    The urination of puppies is inevitable.
    1. First of all, you must understand the bowel signal of the dog.
    Is when the dogs want to have a bowel movement, this is very easy to distinguish. They smell exaggeratedly, turning around, and then walking around for a long time like choosing a land. Only then will pose a shit. So sometimes you take it to the specified place when it turns around. As for the signal before urinating, it is not so obvious, especially puppies, often urinating when the hind legs are bent. At this time, it needs to be fast. Many times the phenomenon of "all the way", then there is no way. 2. If you do not have the attention of the dog for a long time, it is difficult to achieve the training goal. If you work very busy, you can accompany the dog for a while every day, then it is difficult to use such a little limited time to complete the training of the dog to go to the toilet. Because dogs, especially puppies, are not very good, you must remembers it by repeated emphasis and guidance. So if you want to complete this training, it is best to choose when you have the opportunity to pay attention to it for a long time, such as the long holidays of May 1st, Eleventh, and the Spring Festival, but when you are on a holiday for a few days, you will focus on training for a few days. many.
    3. If you usually close the dog in the cage, first take it to the specified place when you release it.
    The dogs are clean in its consciousness, and they will try not to excrete the place where they sleep and eat. Of course, if you keep it in a cage, it can't hold it in the cage. But even so, when you put it out of the cage, it will still find a place to urinate first. At this time, what you have to do is to bring it to the place where it can poop, such as the toilet, put it in it, until it pee, and then release it. Over time, it will remember that the toilet is urine.
    4. Give the dog an obvious position instruction. A newspaper or a dedicated dog toilet is obvious instructions, especially if your dog is very small, it looks like one or two months. You can hold it to the toilet when it wants to pee or stinky, put it on the newspaper, and it will remember to solve it in the newspaper of the toilet a few times. The puppy I raised for more than a month was trained very well. When I wanted to pee, I knew I rushed to the toilet to find a newspaper and then urinated. It was really cute.
    5. Know when the dog wants to defecate.
    The understanding of dogs' bowel movements can make the training plan more effective. Usually, dogs can easily want to stink after eating. This is the same as people, hey, because eating can promote the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines. Especially the puppy, I feel like they are like the rectum. It seems that I just finished this meal, and I immediately pushed out. So you can basically start to take it to the specified defecation position when you put the rice bowl.
    6. How to make criticism and praise more effective. 7. You can use dogs dedicated to bowel movements and dog toilets. When the dog's toilet is on the toilet, and then when the dog makes an excretion, take the dog to the toilet. It is not allowed to leave until it pulls it. Then you have to praise it. I feel very proud, as if I feel about what a great thing I have done, the more greasy the commendable tone, the better.

  2. With the continuous improvement of living standards, pets have begun to enter our family and become an important member of the family. They are becoming more and more popular with young people. What do you need to pay attention to when raising pets?
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  3. Pay attention to the following points:

    The first: Choose a dog. Choosing a dog is not just picking it casually. For example, if the room is too small, it is not suitable for large dogs, and you have to go to a professional place to buy it, because the life of the dog is about ten years, and a stone can also raise feelings for more than ten years. So be sure to choose a dog you like.
    : Feeding. It is best to buy dedicated dog food, because professional dog food has trace elements specializing in dogs, and before the dogs are three or four months old, make sure that four meals a day, so that puppies will not be hungry by hungry. arrive.
    Third: urination, a few months old dogs cannot control their own urination, so it is necessary to be patient during this time to make the dogs form the habit of urinating to the specified place. In the process of formulating conditions for dogs, all you can do is patience, as well as rewards for dogs.
    It fourth: Mosomy: During the development of the dog's teeth, the root of the tooth will feel itchy, so the dogs at this stage will want to bite something to reduce the itching of the teeth. At this time The owner wraps something or puts it away. Do not close the dog in the cage. This is not conducive to the dog's development. At this time, it is recommended that the owner buy a dog to bite the gum and the like thing. If your dog is already an adult dog, but you still often bite things, it means that you have too little time to accompany it. It is very lonely and longing for a master who has time to accompany you.
    Fifth: Entertainment. Dogs will be very sticky when they are young. Don't kick it because she feels annoying. After returning home from get off work, she takes more time to play with it for a while. After feeding the dog, remember to walk the dog. The amount of exercise can keep up, otherwise it is not friendly to the dog's development.
    : Vaccine. After picking up the dog home, if the dog's food is excreted normally within a few days, you can take the dog to vaccinate the vaccine, especially for dog plague, rabies and small viruses. Some vaccines may be more expensive, but this is a very important partner, so it is necessary to give the dog a needle vaccine hard.

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