How to complain about the dogs bought in a pet shop

How to complain about the dogs bought in a pet shop

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  1. 1. How to complain about the dogs bought in a pet shop
    1. The disease of the dogs bought in the pet shop is as follows:
    (1) Dial the Consumer Association to complain to 12315, so that the consumer association solves the solution ;
    (2) Can complain to the industrial and commercial departments to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests;
    (3) can sue to relevant people's courts to defend their rights.
    2. Legal basis: Article 48 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People's Republic of China
    [Situation of the operator's civil liability] The operator provides one of the following situations, except In addition to other provisions of this law, it shall bear civil liability in accordance with other relevant laws and regulations:
    (1) Deficiency in goods or services;
    (2) What is not explained at the time of sale;
    (3) It does not meet the product standards indicated on the product or its packaging;
    (4) the quality shown in the method of product description, physical samples, etc. Situation;
    (5) The products that are eliminated or sold out of the production of the country that are eliminated or sold out;
    (6) Insufficient goods sold; The cost violates the agreement;
    (8) The requirements for repairing, re -work, replacement, return, repayment of goods, refunding payment and service expenses or compensation loss of consumers are deliberately delayed or unreasonable; r;
    (9) Other cases stipulated in the law and regulations that harm consumers' rights and interests.
    Those who do not fulfill their security obligations for consumers and cause damage to consumers shall bear the infringement liability.
    . What basic rights of consumers have
    The basic rights of consumers include:
    1, the right to know the real situation;
    2, the right to choose from;
    3, personal and property Guarantee right;
    4, fair transaction right;
    5, the right to seek compensation in accordance with the law;
    6, obtaining the right to knowledge;
    7, the right to establish consumer organizations. It has the right to require the state to establish consumer organizations, and it can also establish consumer organizations spontaneously;
    8, supervision and criticism;
    9, respected power.

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