4 thoughts on “How should we care about stray animals in life?”

  1. In life, we can use the following three ways to care for stray animals, 1. Feed them; 2. Help them sterilize; 3. Adopt.
    1. For them to feed them first. For ordinary people, the best way to care for stray animals is to prepare some of them to eat and drink. According to the survey report, the average life expectancy of stray cats and stray dogs will not exceed three years, but the average life expectancy of pet cats and pet dogs that are raised normally can reach over ten years old. Insufficient drinking.
    So if you have the conditions, you can buy some bulk, safe cat food or dog food for them at nearby pet shops, and stray dogs can even feed the leftovers and leftovers at home, but pay attention to Do not feed the bones or fish of chicken, duck and goose, because these things can easily cause their stomach to be scratched.
    2. Helping them to do sterilization. Secondly, there is a good way to help stray cats and stray dogs, that is, to take them to sterilize. Take a stray cat, an estrus once or twice a year, especially the stray cat who eats and drinks, may have a few nest kittens a year, which will lead to a large number of stray cats in a certain area, but temporarily temporarily Feeding is not enough to allow them to survive, and stray cats eat birds, so stray cats are reproduced in large quantities, but other creatures are unfair, so reducing their reproduction is the best way for them and other creatures.
    3. Finally, the best family adopting stray animals is the best choice. Whether it is a stray cat or a stray dog, they are most eager to be a stable home. I hope to live and drink, especially stray dogs, they do not like stray life at all. Dogs themselves are animals that need human beings. Essence

  2. You can adopt 1 to 2 according to your ability and feed them well. Every night go to the community to feed the wandering puppy and kitten to leave some food for them. Donate the Wandering Animal Foundation, you can send them some cushions for animals.

  3. In life, if you want to care for stray animals, then I think that in normal words, we can buy a little food to give them to eat them

  4. I think that for some stray animals in life, we can feed as much as possible, and we can also create a nest for them to care for them.

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