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  1. There are many causes of dog diarrhea. Overall can be divided into the following points:
    1, infectious, because of microorganisms such as virus bacteria, or diarrhea caused by parasites Diarrhea has small virus infection, coronary virus infection, E. coli infection, Salmonella infection, and Jiadi whip hairworm infection, and fetal triangular trichin infection.
    2, endogenous diarrhea, diarrhea caused by some internal medicine, collectively referred to as endogenous diarrhea. Common diseases include pancreatitis, gastrointestinal allergies, indigestion of food food, slow intestinal back end, and colon of colon Diarrhea caused by water weight absorption disorders.
    3, disorders, such as probiotics in the intestinal tract, disorders of intestinal flora, improper use of antibiotics, and hormonal disorders, etc., can cause disorder diarrhea.
    Once you find dog diarrhea, you need to take the dog to a professional animal hospital in time for a differential diagnosis, and to formulate different treatment plans to ensure the health of the dog according to the diagnosis results.

  2. Dogs are diarrhea, and many parents think that the dog must be bad, and I can't think of other reasons again. In fact, parents can pay attention to the weather, and the weather changes are also one of the causes of dog diarrhea.

    Husky (details introduction)
    During the season change, the temperature alternates, and many dogs are also prone to dilute phenomenon. Generally speaking, as long as its spirit, appetite and peaceful, there is nothing to consider that the weather changes suddenly. The reason for cooling causes the dog to keep it warm. A warm water bottle was placed in the dog's kernel's nest to warm its belly.

    So if you caught up with the Dog of Tianer, you have diarrhea and form a regularity, so don't worry too much, because the dogs themselves usually after those days. Of course, if the situation is serious, it is also necessary to assist in taking some medicines to regulate the stomach.
    It can also be treated with the dog's stomach. The method is: massage the dog's umbilicus 3 inches under the palm of the hand. This position is the dog's Renmai Guanyuan point. The dog's belly rubbing the belly in one direction, and the massage time is about 30 minutes, which can have a considerable effect on diarrhea and abdominal pain.

  3. What should I do if my dog ​​has diarrhea? As a novice, the parents must be caught by surprise. Dogs are a kind of animal that is easy to vomit and pull, so it is attributed to it. The reason why the dog diarrhea is diarrhea in the general home is the following: (turn)
    1: Cold
    Essence Please pay attention to keep room temperature and keep warm to the dog.
    2: Eat too full
    is especially large dogs. Too much dogs you eat will cause dilute and vomiting without digestion.
    3: Food poisoning
    This does not change what you eat, such as the liver of too many animals, chocolate or grapes, chicken bones, etc.
    4: The rice that n people eat is too large, too salty or a large amount of storm
    Woods like garlic
    Drinking water
    This water for dogs can also cause diarrhea or drinking water too cool.
    6: Small virus
    The dilute in the early stage, accompanied by vomiting. Sudden appetite and spiritual, vomiting gastric mucosa occurred in the middle period, and excrement became strong. In the later period of vomit, the excrement was stinky, and the incontinence of irregular urination occurred ~
    7: Dog plague
    fever, dilute, severe mental weakness. And repeated dilute
    fever in the early stage! Generally, the condition worsens when the second cycle is repeated. There is danger of life.
    8: enteritis
    accompanied by fever, dilute, severe cases of blood!
    9: There are many other symptoms
    . There are still many cases that cause dogs to be diluted. I can't remember too much for a while.
    Preate especially food. cold. Cold. Daladin vomiting caused by mild enteritis. Don't be too nervous. You can feed dogs to eat ominin or risamycin (tablet, liquid agent). But the amount must be mastered. The amount of dogs cannot be compared with others. It's about 1 minute.
    Dogs and dogs are mainly to do it. The dog's diet should be nutritious and not feed. Drink clean water. Do not let the dog sleep on the floor. After taking a shower, blow dry in time. When the dog has diarrhea or vomiting. First of all, think about whether there are any abnormalities. If it wasn't for frequent diarrhea and vomiting. The dog's mental state and eating are okay. Then don't have to be so grassy, ​​but pay attention to observation. If you find that the above posts are similar to the dog plague and the small condition. You should go to the hospital in time. Early treatment and early treatment.

  4. 1. Eat things that should not be eaten, food poisoning. Sometimes we feed a large amount of animal internal organs to the dogs, as well as chocolate, grapes and chicken bones. If you feed the dog too much chicken bone head, the dog's intestine cannot digest, and it may damage the gastrointestinal mucosa 2. Eat too much too much and not digestion, so it is easy to vomit, diarrhea 3, give it to give it. Give it. The dog feeding the dog is not clean or too cold, which can also cause the dog to diarrhea. 4. The dog eats the leftovers after eating the leftovers, because these foods are too salty and greasy. So it will also vomit and diarrhea 5. Dogs have problems such as gastroenteritis or indigestion. Because the stomach is not good, it will cause the dog to pick up eaters. In severe cases, it will occur. , Coronatic virus, etc., will cause do not want to eat, vomit and thin, etc.

  5. Friends, your dog may have enteritis, but don't worry. If you go to the hospital to see a doctor, it will recover. It is best to eat land moldycin. Boil porridge with it, with nutritional things, it may not want to eat at first, but when you put it on your face, you usually like to smell the taste ... have nothing to do with the dog's variety (I am a veterinarian, I know very well, I know very well, I know very well. If I believe I do it, I don’t want to take or score for you. I think about your dog

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