Which dog is better to raise, and you don't need to take care of it, small or medium -sized dogs can be.

5 thoughts on “Which dog is better to raise, and you don't need to take care of it, small or medium -sized dogs can be.”

  1. There are many middle and large dogs that are more suitable for extensive breeding. Only simply enumerate:
    The Chinese pastoral dogs, German shepherd dogs, wolf green dogs, Kunming dogs, etc.

    The Chinese pastoral dog:

    is one of the Chinese native dog breeds, with a height of about 40-55 cm and a weight of about 20-25 kg. The meat is not strong, and the diet is omnivorous. It is very similar to the shape of the wolf, with a short mouth and flat. The area is widely distributed. It is mainly distributed in the south of the Great Wall and east of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau. The low -altitude of the Han nationality centered on the Central Plains is the product of the Chinese Han nationality in the context of thousands of years of farming society. Traditionally called "Tu Dog", the south is called "grass dog", and some places in the north are also called "firewood" and "stupid dogs". However, because a large number of introduced foreign dogs are glorious, the Chinese pastoral dogs are now discriminated against and are generally considered to be unable to be a breed.

    Themine shepherd:
    The German Shepherd Dog (German Shepherd Dog), alias of German black back (shell), which is often said -German wolf dog. The only thing that can be confirmed in Germany is that in 1880, the dog was fixed in all parts of Germany and used it as a shepherd. They are agile and suitable for action environment, and they often deploy various tasks. Later, during the First World War, he was raised by the Germans as military dogs. After the German Army has been cultivated for a long time, it is basically set. Because of its tall body, strong appearance, and strong working ability, it is active in the world as military dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, shepherd dogs, ornamental dogs, and home -raising pet dogs.

    Wolf green dogs:
    Swolves, after the founding of New China, it has become a widely distributed dog species in my country, especially in the north. Wolf Qing is selected from the excellent wolf dogs and wolfs. It has the characteristics of typical wolf dogs, tail long, triangular eyes, eyes are yellowish or dark brown, the body is well -shape, strong in physical fitness, flexible exercise, existing iron green, blue white, grass yellow.

    Kunming dogs:
    Kunming dogs are used for police dogs, but in some aspects, they are better than German black backs and are good domestic dog breeds. Kunming dogs have strong adaptation to the climate, cold environment and high temperature of the plateau. In my country's military and public security criminal investigation lines, they are widely used in border patrols, investigating cases, and investigating drugs and explosives. It can also be used as a guard dog for units and individuals. Kunming dogs have three products, namely wolf green products, black back products and grass yellow products. It is adapted to various climate, especially the three -dimensional climate of the plateau, and has its own characteristics in identifying tracking and bite.

  2. Scottish Shepherd Dog
    does not need to take care of
    as long as three meals are given to it
    The period of time to take a bath
    n If conditions permitted, you can give it a dog cage as a place for living
    of course, the dog still needs to be given a certain training

  3. If you want a good dog, then I suggest that hair raising is short! There are not many short -volume snacks like Jihuawa. Style dogs, Big Brother, and Bullfighting Dogs are all ugly and beautiful dogs. tie. Wash the pet shop 80-120 more expensive!

  4. Basically, there are no dogs that meet your requirements. Most dogs will lose hair. You will definitely not choose. There are Biexie and Teddy who do not lose hair. Only small skewers, the hair loss will not be much and do not need to be a beauty

  5. Half of the not coquettish is that the hybrid dogs don't like hair loss. Find a short -haired -mixture -free dog with a short hair.

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