5 thoughts on “Why don't dogs bite the owner's hand when feeding the dog?”

  1. Feed your pet dog, the dog sees food rather than the owner's hand, and the dog will be careful when eating food. It will not hurt the owner because of eating food, please rest assured!

  2. Because dogs are human, as long as you treat dogs well, you are the only one for it. It will see you very important. When you feed him, he will bite things carefully without hurting you.

  3. When the owner feeds the dog, the dog usually does not bite the owner, but if the dog is eating food, it is best not to touch the food. At this time, it is the most dangerous move to touch the food or touch the dog. ...

  4. Because it is its owner, it will not bite the owner or the family, the dog is the most emotional. So if you want to raise a dog, as long as you are really good to it, it will really treat you.

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