5 thoughts on “How can pets be cremated when you die?”

  1. Need to be cremated.
    First of all, it is a thing that is not environmentally friendly.
    It, it is difficult to find the right land for burial. If the burial is not deep, there will be evil odor, and it will be dug out by other animals.
    So it is recommended that after the pet leaves, the pet is cremated, and then the burial method is performed. This way, the ashes will be more likely to degrade, pollution without pollution, and bacteria.
    The content of this article comes from: China Agricultural Publishing House "China Turkish Breeding"

  2. Have.
    Generally in the city, there are pet cremation places. At present, places where pets can be treated with pets are pet hospitals and special pet funeral service stores. The cremation costs are calculated according to pet weight.
    The reason why such shops are specially opened are bound to be different from pet hospitalization of pet cremation services. Although the pet funeral service is also cremated for the dead pets, in addition to the cremation, there are many services that pet funeral services can provide. Pet fire, ashes, etc.

  3. What pet? Do you ask you to spark when it die? Or the suggestions of those pet hospitals when they are not cured? Animal feelings I don’t understand, but I know that if the animal has a breath, I will never find people to find out that even if you are a master, I am a animal. I want to die. I will not let you find the body. After all, it is still an animal just looking for an absolutely safe place. The safety is that the home nest does not go because you have no ability to stay and the pet. Missing you happy that they are pretending to be crazy and silly to make you happy. If you spend money, don't spark, adopt a dog to make the next dog better, let the traitors make your sympathy. If you have buried it, why do you really understand after a few dogs?

  4. Then this kind of pet cremation company for professional pets to handle it. I have been in contact with such a company, as well as providing pet graveyards and other services. You can search for a similar company in the local area. If it is not possible to come to the country deal with.

  5. It is recommended that you find a local professional pet cremation institution to the cremation of the baby. It does not reach the high temperature conditions and sealing environment of your own, and the cremation does not reach the ideal state. Instead, it is a secondary damage to the baby.
    If Zhejiang's pet -breeding family, if you encounter misfortunes, you can contact Mao Mao pet pet cremation funeral services to help you arrange your baby for a journey. Without any invisible consumption, parents can rest assured.

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