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  1. From a scientific perspective, it is to avoid the spread of germs, and to understand from the folk statement to avoid obscurity. Dogs are the most loyal "friends" of human beings, so dogs will treat their owners as their own, and the owner will also treat the dog as a part of the family. This special relationship is for those who do not raise dogs. People cannot understand.
    But no matter how good the relationship is, life is limited, the life of the dog is very short, there are very few dogs who are really old, most of them die, so there is a saying that dogs cannot bury the earth. Of course, this is of course this. Of course One point is to understand from a scientific perspective, because after the dog dies, there are still many bacteria and germs in its body. If the dog is treated with earth burial, then after the dog rotes , Form the source of pollution. Then there is the dog's nose is very sensitive. If other dogs smell the same smell, they will smell it hard, and even try to put out the sick dogs. In this way, the living dogs will be infected.
    It, in addition to the folk statement. For example, there is a saying in our hometown that the dog either throw it into the abandoned cellar after the death of the dog or it is thrown in the place where no one goes, but it cannot be buried, because only after the death, only after the death In order to enter the soil, the animals cannot enter the soil after the death. If the dog dies suddenly, it means that the owner’s fortune is not good. Therefore, in order to avoid dysfunction, you must throw the dead dog a little or hidden so that you will not be a little more hidden so that you will not be able to Affects the master's fortune.
    It this approach is very superstitious, but there is still a certain reason. After all, buried dogs in the living area can easily cause pollution, which is also a harm to the human body and other livestock. However, with the development of science and technology, although the city is not as wild in rural areas, there are special pet funeral services in the city, so the dog can be directly cremated after the dog dies. Therefore The dogs that are dropped, and this method also avoids environmental pollution.

  2. Dogs are the best friends of human beings. In today's rapidly developing society, many people will raise a pet dog to make their own sustenance. Dogs are not only an animal, but also a sustenance of humans, for those who are raised.
    is just their family's friends, and they are part of their inseparable part. If the dogs leave, they will be sad and sad, and treat them like humans. It is rumored that the dog will have a predictive power before dying, and will leave home to find a place that suits you to death, died quietly, and let yourself die quietly. But dogs are not unable to bury it, but that dogs cannot be buried in people's rumors.
    But there is a cause, why do many people say that they can't buy after the dog dies? The first is for health considerations. After the dying of pets, especially the non -normal death, a large amount of bacteria, viruses or parasites will be carried in the corpse. The embedded method of ordinary residents cannot meet the relevant requirements, and it is easy to cause the epidemic spread. If the dog is not handled well after buried, it is picked out by other animals, and even eating the rotten corpse will not only cause society to cause society in society The reproduction of garbage will also bring varying degrees of harm to the surrounding residents, causing a poor social chain reaction.
    So dogs cannot be buried, not a superstition tradition, only because of health considerations, so there is a requirement. When buried the dog's body, you should choose a more reasonable way. So how should the dog be dealt with after death? For many pets, dogs are actually a good spiritual sustenance.
    This can be treated as children or even the world, hoping to leave thoughts. Therefore, if the dog is unfortunate, I hope that these people can take a reasonable way to send them to the funeral home for cremation under economic conditions. This method is also decent to the dog, because it can kill all the insect bacteria and parasites in his body, and the dog can also leave the world cleanly.
    In today's society, dogs are actually a partner, a friend, and a family who can accompany us for a long time. If the dog dies unfortunately, I hope to leave thoughts. In the case of allowing, the dog's body can also be made into specimens, and even if the dog dies can accompany you in another form.
    but the cost of animal specimens requires the size of the dog's body shape to pricing. When making this decision, everyone must also consider their own economic conditions. Don't add too much economic burden to yourself. Because even if the dog wet him, he also hopes that its owner will be good.
    Dogs are the best friends of human beings. In their eyes, there is no benefit, no vanity, only loyalty. It is not necessary to be buried after they leave, but in a reasonable way to allow them to leave more thoughts in this world, and at the same time do not harm the society.

  3. The reason why the dog cannot be buried after death:
    Phogy after the dog dies, especially because of the normal death of illness, a large amount of bacteria, viruses or parasites will be carried in the corpse. It is easy to cause epidemic spread.
    If the disease of rabies such as rabies, not only the animals in the community, but also the health of residents. At the same time, if the corpse of the poisoning and death pet is eaten by other animals, a chain reaction will cause more animal poisoning.
    The treatment method after the death of dogs
    1. Need to bury deep
    The animal corpse will have a lot of toxic substances and various germs during the decaying process. Water and soil. The buried pits must be deep enough, and the depth must be close to the depth of the ancient buried coffin. The grave should be digged at least 1 meter deep. The location should be selected in a position that is unlikely to be eroded or unexpectedly excavated.
    Otherwise, the rotten smell of corpse can not be covered. Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to anti -virus and sterilization. If it is not sterilized and disinfected, the germs and parasites of rotten corpse will spread.
    2, the death of dogs can be cremated
    This can be sent to pet funeral to cremation after the death of dogs. The owner attaches great importance to pets, hoping to leave thoughts, and he can go to professional pet funeral to cremation under economic permission.
    This thermal price is high, and the price is generally calculated by the length of the pet body, and the price ranges from 500-1000 yuan. The protection of the environment is the best. The toxic substances, pathogenic bacteria, and parasitic eggs in the corpse will be killed by high temperatures, which can also be regarded as leaving the world cleanly.

  4. Because the dog will carry a large number of viruses after the death, if the bacteria bury the dog in the soil, if the location is too shallow, if the surrounding animals are consumed, it will cause the disease to spread, which may endanger the health of the people around them.

  5. Because the dog has a lot of bacteria, the dog is also written on many viruses after his death. If it is buried in the soil, it will be picked up by other animals. Then the virus will be spread, and one passes for ten or ten passes, the consequences are not good. So it is the most environmentally friendly approach to the cremation of dogs.

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