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  1. Pet dogs are buried, the dogs can be cremated, and the dog can make a specimen and donate the remains.
    1. Burning, after the dog dies, the owner can choose to bury the dog. You can choose to bury under a tree, which is the most environmentally friendly and economic way. It is best to dig deeper where you are buried, do a good job of cleaning, and then burial the dog. Do not do it!
    2, dogs can be cremated when the dogs die. After the death of the dog, it can be sent to pet funeral to the cremation. This method is the best for the protection of the environment and does not produce pathogenic, toxic substances, etc. The dog's ashes can be installed with a ashes for a memorial, or you can buy a graveyard belonging to a dog in a pet cemetery. When you want to visit the dog, you can easily find the dog.
    3, dogs can be made into specimens, and animals can be made into specimens. If the owner is full of financial resources, you can make your dogs into specimens. The pet specimen only retains the skull of the pet, some skin and leg bones, and the other parts of the body will be processed after disinfection.
    4. Donate the remains. If your dog dies because of serious illness, the methods of cremation and burial are actually not suitable. Because the body of the dog may contain a large amount of viruses and bacteria, it is inconvenient to cremate. The owner can contact the pet hospital and donate the dog's body to them for treatment.
    This dog introduction
    Pet dogs are dog animals that people are raised in order to eliminate loneliness or for entertainment purposes, or dogs raised for non -economic purposes. Dogs are spiritual animals that have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years. Its sense of smell is sensitive, agile, understanding, and loyal to the owner. In many countries, all kinds of beautiful dogs have long become the most favorite family pets.

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