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  1. In the summer, you can wear your dogs in a different way. If your dog is shaved, the sun can be shot directly on its skin. You need to buy it a thinner clothes. Don't be too thick.
    Because the sun is shining directly on the dog's skin, it will make its skin very easy to get skin disease. Wearing clothes can avoid this situation.
    If in winter, if you want to buy clothes, it is best to buy a slightly larger size. Because in winter, we cannot shave it. In the case of the dog's long hair, the body shape will be a few laps larger than summer. Buy the University No. 1 exactly made up for such a defect.
    Is when we buy clothes for dogs, do not look at its size comparison table. Because the size of each dress is different.
    In the tape to measure how long its back is, how high the legs are, and how much its bust is. According to the specified size above his seller, we can see what kind of clothes should I buy. It's right.

  2. Pets are a common phenomenon now. Cats, dogs, and dogs, these most common pets in people's lives have also become the main force of wearing clothes. The teachers of the Dream of Deep Blue Pet Aesthetic School analyzed the benefits and disadvantages of wearing clothes from the perspective of dog health.
    The benefits of dogs in clothes
    In cold and insulation, in this case, you must wear clothes, which is related to its health. For example, Chihuahua and Mini Dubin are small, thin, and low -fat dogs, as well as young or old dogs,
    When you go out, you can put on your clothes during the days. This can reduce the chances of their illness. Cleaning the dogs do not need to take a bath often. It is always possible to cause their skin problems. Therefore, in the case of dirty outside, wearing clothes can keep them clean for a long time, and also reduce the burden of dog breeding. When the protective band dog goes out to play, it is also good to wear clothes. For example, taking a dog to climb the mountains and put on clothes in autumn to avoid too much plant seeds from the dog's body, and it can also prevent insects from climbing into the dog's hair.
    The disadvantages of dogs wearing clothes
    This Dogs that cause long hair to wear clothes are obviously much wore than wearing cunning. For example, the parts of the armpit, neck, and shoulder straps, because the clothes press the hair tightly, plus friction, it is easy to form a woolen ball. If you do not combine it carefully Essence
    The skin diseases Although there is no problem with long hair dogs, the fabric can cause the dog's skin disease, allergies, itching, peeling, etc. And wearing clothes can easily ignore some problems on the surface of the dog's body. Unknown clothes may limit the dog's actions and wear the skin.
    How to choose clothes for dogs
    Generally speaking for the basic size of human clothing, it has been continuously improved for a long time. This size has its own time and method of modification. For small animals that are newly concepts of clothing, all this will start from scratch.
    If in the face of a variety of dog species and there are different factors such as young and adults, the basic size of pets has always been a problem for dog clothing makers. In order to solve this problem, experts have been deeply organized for many years, summarizing eight basic sizes, and can refer to the size of each dog species with reference to the form. As long as you buy clothes for your dog, you can know which one is suitable for your dog.

  3. Select clothes for dogs to see the material soft and not breathable. It is not suitable to see the size of the size. Finally, the price can be taken. If you can withstand the range, you can take it down and picked it back to wear it for the dog master.
    The choice of clothes for dogs must be soft, so that it is comfortable to wear, so that the dogs are convenient, so that they will not resist dressing.
    It, it is willing to let you dress it beautifully, and then go out to attract attention. The dog is also a love waves.
    The material is soft and breathable. We all know that the dog's appreciation is very good. If the clothes are not breathable, the dogs are sweating wildly outside, and it is unbearable to go home to undress.
    In the material, you must ask the size after reading it. Buying clothes for it can not only be bought by experience. You must buy according to the length of the dog, neck and waist circumference. The model of clothes must be inaccurate.
    If the clothes you bought back are not appropriate, it is too wasteful.
    This also depends on the price. After all, raising a dog's daily expenditure is not small, and their clothes are a bit expensive. See if they can withstand the range.
    is not easy to raise a pet.

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