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  1. Pet dogs
    The dogs are naive and lively, carefree is the nature of small animals. Eating and playfulness does not mean that it is not sick. In addition, many diseases have a certain incubation period. When you find that puppies have obvious symptoms, the condition is often very serious. Therefore, once you find that the puppy is wrong, you should seek medical treatment immediately.
    Is please pay attention to the following six symptoms:
    :: It is mental weakness, weakness and weakness, dull movements, slightly vibration of the tail or even drooping;
    signs 2: It is dry nose and flowing nose. This is the symptom of fever. However, the dog's nose is dry when sleeping, which is normal, don't worry.
    signs three: It is abnormal bowel movements. There are diarrhea and constipation. Sometimes feces are scarce like water, and sometimes hard like stones. A healthy puppy, about twice a day, the color of the stool varies from food, usually black or yellow -brown, and should be moderate and moderate.
    signs 4: It is loss of appetite or a rapid decrease in appetite. If the puppy eats dirty things or the foreign body that cannot be digested, the stomach function will be abnormal, and it will not be willing to eat or vomit.
    signs 5: The eyes are afraid of light, have eye feces, and even conjunctival congestion.
    signs 6: The body temperature rises. The temperature of a healthy puppy is about 38.5 ° C, and the body temperature of the puppies is slightly higher. Generally speaking, the temperature of the dog has a low body temperature in the morning, and the body temperature is high at noon to the evening, about 0.5 ° C. The thermometer we use is sandwiched on the puppy's thigh roots for 5 minutes, and the body temperature is higher than 39 ° C.
    If it is cough, difficulty in urination, itching in the ear, and eating foreign matter, and the abnormal phenomenon such as rubbing the butt on the ground is also a reflection of the disease. Do not ignore or delay.

  2. Symptoms of Dog's illness

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