What method does Shenzhen dogs return to Hunan?

My pet dog is a shepherd in Shenzhen. Drive by yourself without time.
wants to find a way to transport the dog back.

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  1. There are two ways to choose from now (suitable for dogs with more than 3 months, and dog consignment after 3 months is safer because no matter how comfortable the check environment, it is exciting to the dog)
    1. Air transport requires security inspection inspection inspection. The benefit of the proof and must be purchased before the aircraft consignment is the short time

    It 3 to 4 hours before the consignment, do not feed to avoid vomiting or excrete the dog's own pollution on the plane. And bring inconvenience to the flight, but remember to give enough water!

    2. Train consignment

    The consignment of general trains should not go to animal dye Cases of skin diseases or enteritis
    I I suggest that you find your pets to consign your dogs. They will take care of your dogs or not to feed enough water 3 to 4 hours before it is checked!
    I check the dogs, so I give you these two better ways, you choose according to subjective and objective conditions

  2. Air Transport
    Preparing a sufficiently strong cage
    The check procedures for living creatures
    It air transportation costs at about 300

  3. Looking for a courier company and looking for a bigger company, the DHL Federal UPS can only be shipped, but it is very expensive, and now there are quite strict management. I am afraid that the money is more money than you buy a dog. Very bad, generally dogs can faint. Besides, it stays in a uncomfortable and dark cage ... I am from the airport. I have seen many small animals, and it will be incontinence. For your dog Dog is good or pick it up ..

  4. Some regular pet shops have services for small animals. For example, Guofeng pet chain, you checked online, you know, I went to see the doctor yesterday.

  5. Buy a cage and return to Hunan in air. This time is relatively short, and the dogs are less guilty
    It are not recommended for train consignment. One is that the conditions are not good, but the time is long

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