3 thoughts on “How long will the dog buried in the ground after the dog die?”

  1. Upstairs, this is a harmful corpse smell to the body. It is usually produced from the 2nd ---- 3 days and nights after death. It contains corpse poison and many bad elements. Look at the soft land and shovel it to the bag to bring it to the far place to cremation. Finally, disinfecting the home is necessary. It is necessary to do the last thing for the dog. After that, you can keep the ashes in any box and put the picture of the dog that is harmless to the body.

  2. Hello, the original poster.
    First of all, you are sure where the smell of buried dogs. If you are sure. The original poster quickly dug out to find a place in Lijiayuan and buried it. I use my own experience to explain. There was a chicken at that time. died. I buried it. I wanted to see him a few days. Just dig out the soil. The chicken has gone. Hesitating away from home. So I didn't ask the odor.
    Is how long it will taste. This depends on where your home is buried. It will be very slow if the air is isolated. If there is air circulation. It is enough for about a month.
    The smelly smell. It's just the smell from the meat rot. Except smelly. It has no effect on human body.
    Igly, the landlord first determines the source of the odor. If you can take it away, you can take it away. If you ca n’t take it, you can bear it if you ca n’t take it away. It has no effect on human body.

    The bodies of -1 people downstairs will be harmful. This is a dog. Essence Essence No speech. But it is best to bury the place. Let's not talk about cremation. You don't think you have the courage to dig away. Don't talk about cremation.

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