4 thoughts on “What's wrong with pet dogs eating grass?”

  1. Dogs are actually a reflection of their own diseases. When there are parasites in the dog's belly or suffering from infectious diseases, dogs often swallow grass. So in this case, the owner must pay attention. Although dogs are omnivorous animals, they should still be carnivorous. The development of grass to the dog itself is not necessary. But in general, eating grass is a basic and normal behavior. Unless it ate too much grass, you don't have to worry too much. There are two main reasons for dogs to eat grass: first to cure diseases, because the dog's physique itself has the function of He Chengwei, so the dog does not need to involve vitamin C. But sometimes this function of dogs will fail. Because of the loss of this function, it is impossible to make vitamin C by themselves, which will reduce their anti -virus disease, so they will eat grass to supplement vitamin C. In addition, when the dog is uncomfortable, you will also find a plant root containing salicylic acid to eat (salicylic acid is also the raw material we make aspy). The second reason is delicious. Wild dog wolf fox fox will eat some delicious quality and fruits even if they are not sick, especially low and sweet fruit. In fact, you can observe it carefully. When the dog has a swallowing situation, if it is locked in the room without grass, the dog will swallow other objects such as fragmented, plastic bags, paper towels, and even small rubber toys. If the dog is found to eat grass frequently, the owner will be vigilant. If necessary, take the dog to the clinic and ask the veterinarian to check the dog's health.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Self -gastric lavage, dogs will accidentally eat their hair, and eating a small amount of grass can remove the hair in the body; 2. I feel boring. It will show similar obsessive -compulsive disorder, such as eating some flowers and plants such as flowers and plants; 3. Insufficient nutrition. When dogs are found to eat grass frequently, dogs may lack vitamins and trace elements in the dog's body, and vitamins need to be supplemented by dogs. X09

  3. To digest, curious.
    It dogs and supporting, indigestion and feeling uncomfortable, will help them digest by eating grass. The dog's curiosity is very heavy, and it may even beyond your imagination. You can see that they have to bite everything, so when they bend, they will be curious when they see the grass.
    It, it can also be said that they are protecting themselves. In the process of raising dogs, the pet owner must also train dogs to not eat random.

  4. The reasons why pet dogs eat grass may be these: 1. Lack of alien foods caused by trace elements. This situation not only eat grass, but also eat soil, stool, garbage, etc. At this time, it is good to supplement it. 2. Parasitic infection, grass is to ecstter for yourself, vomiting the bug inside, just give insect repellent. 3. Eat too full, too complicated, or excessive meat, which causes it to digest well. Digestion.

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