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  1. NO.1 Obesity
    According to the clinical experience of the Veterinary Hospital, the dog's heart disease is related to obesity and aging, and it is the main cause of death. Obesity is mainly caused by feeding high -calorie foods to please pets. The active space that the owner can give is obviously insufficient; there may be other physiological or psychological reasons. Such as insufficient thyroxine, behavior changes, etc. If thyroid hormones are insufficient, trace elements can be added, which helps to form thyroid hormones and reduce obesity.
    NO.2 Infectious diseases
    M common fatal infectious diseases: dog plague, small viruses of dogs, cat plague, cat nose branches, etc. The main cause of these diseases is that the owner has no immunity to pets and allows pets to come into contact with sick cats and dogs. Vaccination is recommended to take a regular vaccination. If you have a new cat or dog member at home, remember to ask the doctor for a health check or isolation for a period of time. Supplementary probiotics can enhance immunity. Although it cannot directly fight these malignant infectious diseases, it can improve disease resistance, which is very important for pet care.
    NO.3 accident

    cats and dogs are curious and like to explore everywhere. The most common fatal accidents are: car accidents, high places, crushed by heavy objects, electric shock, heat stroke, food poisoning, poisonous snake, poison bee bite, chemical poisoning, etc. Severing stroke is the most easily ignored cause of death. The cooling function of pet dogs is to heat dissipation through the volatilization of the tongue liquid. When the outside world becomes hot and wet, the dog's body temperature rises, metabolism becomes faster, and the blood flow of the liver and kidneys is insufficient, resulting in cerebral hemorrhage and hematoma. Epilepsy, tremor and coma follow, the mortality rate is very high. It is recommended to raise cats and dogs in a cool place in the summer, feed fresh vegetables and promoting nutrients such as digestive probiotics, and provide cleaner drinking water to maintain the normal physical function of cats and dogs.
    NO.4 malignant tumors

    In clinical diagnosis and treatment of veterinarians, dogs' malignant tumors are easily overlooked, especially, elderly dogs are usually directly considered to die in the elderly. How to reduce the occurrence of malignant tumors? Sterilizer can reduce the incidence of breast tumors for female dogs; giving male sterilization can reduce the incidence of prostate cancer; avoid long -term sunlight to avoid epithelial cell carcinoma, and reduce the use of chemical baths to avoid migrating cell carcinoma.

    NO.5 kidney problem

    The terrible pet kidney problems, in the concealment of the disease, often found that the damage to the kidney unit cells in the kidney has exceeded 75%. The cause of kidney disease is mainly because of the insufficient drinking water of pets. Except for many masters often feed to human food, cats and dogs' kidneys are damaged due to excessive salt. Therefore, if your pets have hematuria, urination habits change, or abnormal urine color, you will seek medical treatment immediately.

  2. The causes of pets are obese infectious diseases and accidents, as well as obesity in the first place in malignant tumors

  3. Obesity, accidents, some infectious diseases, and some malignant tumors. The first place is obesity, so I hope that the owners of the dog usually do not eat high salt, high sugar, and high -calorie food for dogs.

  4. There are mainly obesity, malignant tumors, accidents, infection. There are mainly accidents and infections in the first place.

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