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  1. As a shoveling officer who is fully responsible
    , even if he has giving the dog
    The mouthwash, repeated insect repellent on time, bathing, cleaning the ear canal, squeezing the anal gland ...
    The son still has a "odor" that is not waved ...
    Actually what Xiao Pajun wants to tell you:
    It if the dog has a slight "odor" The taste is even more insignificant. If the taste disappears, the dog will feel disturbed, and everything will make you re -taste it.
    This knowledge:
    (Figure from "From" Illustration of Dog Diseases "Ono Yekuro is P141)
    " odor "on the dog's body Terma,
    E every dog ​​will have such a look, just because of different varieties, or thick or light or light
    long hair, fat, fat, and stinky, short -haired fat
    It plays a certain protective effect on the skin of the dog
    Of course, if the dog is too long, it is easy to hide dirt and it will also taste heavy.
    Which varieties of dogs are heavier?
    The bull, Shami, Mastev mastiff, blood hunting dogs, Baro, Yorkxia stalks, Beijing -Pakistan, Keka dogs, Santa Bernard dogs, blood hounds.
    Id the heavy dog ​​with the weight of the body, is there any good way to solve it?
    First of all
    The petjun to warn everyone not to take a bath because of the taste
    , otherwise it will be washed and stinky. Good
    Thenasites internally and outside
    1. Choose dog food with light taste, it is best to eat natural food, don't feed the dogs to eat.
    2. Disinfection of disinfection, disinfection and removing flavor, and pure natural extraction has not harmed the dog.
    The dogs in my family did not taste heavy, and now they are heavier. What may be the reason?
    1. I reflect on the recently that I have not repeatedly removed the dogs, bath, mouth washing, cleaning the ear canal, and squeezing the anal glands on time, so that the body hides dirt and dirt.
    2. Dogs of matters are heavier than other ages, especially dogs with short hair oil -based skin types.
    3. Dogs in estrus will also become strong on the body to attract the opposite sex.
    4. Carefully check the dog's mouth, the ear canal and the skin is inflammation, these places will also cause the appreciation to increase the experience.

  2. 1. Knowing the condition of the dog's skin
    1. Dogs have no sweat glands
    because the dog has no sweat glands on the dog, and the skin and other germs must rely on the hair and the skin. For a period of time, a material is regularly secreted to form a protective film.
    . The acidity of the skin
    Human skin is a weak acid system, and the dog is weak, so it can not use human cleaning products when taking a bath. Instead, you should choose to choose Pet -dedicated shower gels avoid dog skin diseases.
    3. Adjust the dog's diet
    If it is caused by the physiological condition, you can adjust it from the diet, such as changing food to chicken or beef that is easy to digest and absorbed. If you continue to have physical taste and hair removal, you should go to the hospital for examination.
    . The murderer who caused the dog's body taste
    1. Normal metabolic conditions
    have no sweat glands on the dog, but the taste of the dog is not caused by the accumulation of sweat. Under metabolism, only a little oil will be secreted, which will not cause unacceptable taste.
    2. Causes the culprit of body taste
    The culprit that causes dogs to be serious, that is, the body fluid or dirt generated after the body's metabolism, because it will not produce too much, so it is not easy for the owner Cleaning.
    3. The frequency of bathing in dogs
    Excessive bathing will destroy the protective film on the skin. The correct frequency of bathing should be once a week in summer, and winter is available for two or three times. For old or small dogs, you can choose to wipe a wet towel instead of bathing.
    . Know the dog's anal glands
    1. The other smell of the dog
    anal glands are the largest odor divergence on the dog's body. However, a small part of it will accumulate in the gland's sac. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will emit a strong smell.
    2. Remind the owner to clean up
    If the owner if he sees the dog's buttocks, and will keep turning to chase the tail run, or sensitive to the hip part, then the dog is in Remind the owner to clean up the anal glands.
    3. When cleaning the anal glands
    If the owner should take measures to protect themselves when cleaning the anal glands, because if the anal glandular fluid is dipped, it needs to be cleaned for a long time to remove the odor. Gloves should be brought. Then clean up.

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