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  1. First, feed dog food on time and feed with nutritional meat

    If to get the dog to gain weight, the pet owner should feed dog food on time on time; and in addition to feeding dog food on time, It is also necessary to properly prepare some nutritious meat with feeding. Usually self -made nutritious meat, pet owners can choose meat, beef and other meats; remember not to put too much salt when making, to avoid excessive salt amount of fur problems and fire problems.

    . In addition to dog food and meat, pet owners also need to give dogs more and feed some fresh fruits and vegetables; Pay attention to the body's water. Diet needs to eat on time, and feed the dog regularly; three meals a day, at least 7 or 8 cents per meal.

    . Fixed nutritional food for dogs every week

    The food contains a lot of nutrients, but in the process of production, there will be nutritional loss; Compared with nutritional foods, nutrition is not so sufficient. Therefore, in addition to food, pet owners usually deal with normal feeding in addition to food; they can also feed dogs with some nutrition creams. Feeding nutrition cream is fixed every week, which can be mixed in the dog's food together; it can also be eaten alone, feeds two to three centimeters a day, and can be fed according to the actual amount of dogs.

    It, if the pet owner has been feeding for a long time, but the dog is still not fat; it may be gastrointestinal problems or parasites, and you must help the dog to condition the stomach; Feed the dogs and get fat again

  2. If your dog is too thin. You can't get fat for any nutrition. Then you have to go to the pet hospital. Let the doctor show him whether he has a bug. If there is a bug in the dog's belly. He couldn't get fat. You have added nutrition to him, and he still can't get fat. Then there must be bugs. Please go to remove bugs. After removing the bug, your dog will be fat.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question, and you are sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~ within about three minutes ~nYou need to replace a dog food with rich nutrition and balance, moderate taste, and guaranteed quality, and occasionally feed the dogs to cook some cooked chicken breasts, beef and other foods. In addition, the owner can also feed dogs with special sheep milk powder, nutritional cream and other health products to help dogs enhance their physique.nWhat should I do if dogs eat dog food or thin?nAnswer whether the dog is deworming in timenThere are many parasites in the dog's body. If the insecticidal is not fascinated from time to time, they will absorb the nutrition of the dog's foodnQuestions and insect repellentnIn addition to eating dog food, you can also provide dogs with milk powder, vitamin nutrition cream to supplement nutrition from time to time to make some cooked fish and minced white rice porridge.n5 morenBleak

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