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  1. It is very happy to be loved by the owner as a pet dog. But it is not so happy for stray dogs. Although pet dogs and stray dogs are dogs, there is a big difference between them. Let's see these differences!
    Differences 1: When encountering a dog thief,
    , although today is a civilized society of rule of law, the thief still exists. Some thieves not only stole the property of the owner's family, but also stole the dog. So, what is the difference between these two dogs when facing a dog thief?
    If a dog thief stole a pet dog, when he saw it so beautiful and dressed, he would want to buy how much money it can make. If he was successfully bought by others, he would be lucky to meet a owner who likes it.
    If a stealing dog stealing a stray dog, the first thing he wants to do is flip the heavy object to see how much it is, and then calculate how much he can buy in a hot pot restaurant and a dog meat shop. Essence Generally speaking, the survival rate of this dog after the successful sale is relatively low.
    Differences 2: When you meet a stranger on the street,
    Whether it is a pet dog or a stray dog, you will encounter some strangers you do n’t know when you are on the street. If it is a pet dog, those who see it so cute may not be able to squat down and touch it, and take pictures with it to commemorate it.
    If it is a stray dog, passers -by will not only avoid them, but also spit at them, drive them away, and even hit them, scold them, and feel that they have done something wrong.
    Differences 3: The difference between eating
    For pet dogs, whether they are hungry or thirsty, they only need to call twice, and their owners will obediently provide delicious food. If they are sick or disobedient, their owners will be spoiled and coaxed them.
    Conversely, stray dogs are not so lucky because they do not have a fixed source of food. They often eat this meal and think about what to do next. Every time you want to eat, you must find it yourself, and then turn the trash can. If you are not lucky, you ca n’t find something to eat, you will only starve.
    Differences 4: Where to live
    For humans and animals, the place to live is not only a place to cover the wind and rain, but also synonymous with home. Pet dogs not only eat well, but also live in a very good place. There is a comfortable nest and clean environment. Life is like a poem. If he becomes dirty or hair knotting, the owner will help him take a bath and comb his hair. On the other hand, stray dogs are always displaced. Sometimes they don't even avoid the storm. They must find a place in the trash can, big trees and sewer. Even if the body is dirty and lice, no one can take care of it. They can only grab it with their claws or rub it on the wall and the tree.
    Differences 5: When you are sick,
    The people and animals cannot escape "aging and death". When a pet dog is sick, its owner will feel anxious, no matter how much it costs, it will treat it.

  2. Pet dogs are dog animals that are raised in order to eliminate loneliness or for entertainment, or dogs that are raised for non -economic purposes. Dogs are spiritual animals that have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years. Its sense of smell is sensitive, agile, understanding, and loyal to the owner. In many countries, all kinds of beautiful dogs have long become the most favorite family pets.
    The more famous pet dogs are: Tibetan Mastiff, Husky, Chow Chow, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Shimaicho Dog, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Scottish Shepherd, Samoyed, Kaka, Labra Duo, Jingba, Bear, poodle, Malzis, Belgian hound, teddy bear dog, border shepherd dog, Alaska, fox hunting stalk, etc., stray dogs, also known as stray dogs, or wild dog Abandoned dog, refers to a pet dog. Common reasons include the owner deliberately abandon, lost or wild. Most of the stray dogs are skewers and Chinese pastoral dogs.
    The older dogs in China are the oldest family dogs in China. They care for the elderly, care for the elderly, guard the family, are easy to raise, and have strong antibodies. Essence As the people's living standards in the 21st century increased the introduction of a large number of foreign dogs [foreign dogs], the purebred Chinese pastoral dogs were on the verge of extermination.

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