I have a dog who wants to consignment, please help to come out

I have two dogs who want to get back to his hometown in Heze, but the logistics does not give the consignment, please help, how can I do it?

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  1. I wonder how big your dog is. If the courier company does not give the consignment, then go to the kind of black car and send a car to the dog home.
    or air transport
    1, you must first buy the corresponding size of the aircraft
    2, go to the local animal quarantine station to open quarantine certificate and appliance disinfection certificate at about 3 days in advance
    3, book ticket booking When you are sure, there must be an oxygen cabin at the flight
    4, when you go to the airport to catch the plane, first go to the packaging and pack it. Twenty to thirty yuan.
    5, go to the airline service desk (note that it is the service desk instead of changing the boarding pass) to weigh it, pay (calculated according to kilograms), and then the service desk will open a list for you.
    6, with the documents and dogs (at this time it is already locked in the aircraft) to change the boarding card
    7, take your boarding pass to the special cargo consignment office, where you will bring you you Paste the barcode paper corresponding to your boarding pass on the air box, and then lower him into the conveyor belt. You and your dog!
    8. The security check -up, your dog will go on the plane first when you are waiting. You got on the plane and told the stewardess to tell him that there are pets in the luggage compartment and need oxygen cabin!
    9, get off the plane, where to take your luggage waiting for your dog!

    is very troublesome, but there is no way for the beloved dog ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰)
    I also, there are two dogs, I want to go to Macau. I don’t know how to transport it from Dalian to Macau?

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