5 thoughts on “My pet dog does not want to raise it anymore. What should I do?”

  1. There are many problems of stray dogs, or we can often see some stray dogs around our community or our lives. Some of them are stunned, but some are relatively clean!
    Some of them look nervous, but some are sticky!
    , there are more differences between them, they are exactly the same in one point!
    This is a stray dog, which is abandoned!
    and a friend adopted a stray dog ​​two years ago. At that time, because he had just finished the completion and went home, he met a small rural dog halfway, so he brought the puppy back to At home, and given a name for the rural dog!

    The was particularly happy at that time, because he wanted to raise a dog for a long time, and even when he was in college, he already wanted to raise a dog, but it was a pity that the university just met the hostel tube. Strict check, I kept dragging down when I wanted to raise a dog.
    The most appropriate time when it happened to meet. My friend has been internship for more than half a year, and the work is stable. Now, it is also a very fixed rhythm of life at nine to five!
    The name of the rural dog is Roche, which means that the dog has a very happy life. Well, of course, this is also related to the friend's unable to see the name of the fat house at that time!

    So Coca -Cola entered the life of a friend. As a stray dog ​​with a stray time for a while, Coke started to bring a lot of trouble to friends!
    The most critical point is after raising dogs. There are very few daily out -of -life activities. The most are the only dogs to walk out of the dog, and the largest overhead every month has also become a dog overhead!
    The two years after the time passed, friends found the Lord, saying that he had no time to continue raising dogs and still had time!

    The dogs who have been raised for two years, but are abandoned because they have no energy now!
    The dogs who have raised for two years, because of the changes in my thoughts, do n’t want it?
    The dogs who have been with the two years have now become an impulse at that time? At that time, with humanitarian adoption?
    It, if you can't give a stray dog ​​a future, don't have so many kinds of kindness and humanitarianism!

    has only been in the dog for more than ten years, and the life expectancy of stray dogs is shorter. There are not many people who can admit it. There may be only one or two!
    If it really cannot be sure to raise it well, it is better not to raise it from the beginning!
    The stray dogs adopted two years ago, but now the shoveling officer does not want to raise, so how to deal with the stray dog ​​that the owner does not want?

    1. The cute dog is free to send it!
    This to adopt the dog to others through your own channels, so that you can't raise it yourself, at least this matter is transferred to the degree of beginning and end!
    How to adopt, in addition to the adoption, the more important thing is to explain the habits of good dogs in all aspects. This is not only to better adapt to the new environment and protect the new owner!
    The is the feeding habits of dogs, are you afraid of having a person, do you have the habit of eating? ,
    It, you must explain clearly before sending the dogs to adopt it!

  2. If our pet dog does not want to raise, we can't let it become a stray dog, and we should give it to our friends or relatives.

  3. It is best to be adopted by others. If you ca n’t, you can send the rescue station. In fact, it is a harm to pet dogs, but at least it will not become a stray dog.

  4. You can give the dogs to the friends or relatives around you, so that it is the best for the dog; you can also publish the adoption information online and give it to the dog lovers in the same city.

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