5 thoughts on “What brand of dog snacks are better? Pet snack brand recommendation”

  1. There are many brands of dog snacks. Most of I have bought it for my cute owner to try it. Based on it, two models he likes, cute stacks, sentence beasts such as pet snack brands, it is recommended that you try it. As for why the dogs eat snacks, in fact, it is mainly to supplement the dog's trace elements, but also improve the quality of life of dogs. Just like people, occasionally you need to eat a little fruits and vegetables, and meat supplement nutrition

  2. Snacks are only used as obedient, training rewards, such as dogs who eat dog food obediently, reward a small piece, and eat too much. Do n’t feed ham, canned food. There are too many additives. You can choose some snacks of teeth. My golden retriever is fed with chicken jerky, chicken and fries. For reference, there are many choices in his family. It is a big brand, feeding with confidence, and currently feeding this brand of snacks.

  3. Why do you eat snacks for dogs? Dog, you also pick him up, the better he eats. It's better to casually. In that case he knows.

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