How to cut the dog (Bomei), DIY yourself

Detailed steps, videos or pictures are the best! Shela, this is from Nanchang

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  1. Pomeranian dogs basically do not need artificial repair, just simple:
    1, trim the small butt, cut off the hair around the anus, expose the small fart, so as to keep it ventilated and avoid stool. n2. You can cut the two small butt eggs into a circular shape, and the long chaos is repaired and short. Like the child's garden butt, walking is very refreshing and beautiful; The flesh is parallel, so it is easy to clean, and the dogs are not easy to slip away;
    4, trimming toenails, dog toenail meat is obliquely long, you must cut it in the sun. With flesh, in that case, he will not let you trim it for him in this life. If the amount of activity is relatively large, you don't need to trim it. Cut short, otherwise it will be rolled up or tied into the meat.
    It if your trimming level is very poor and the level of scissors is not very good, then you still go to a professional store. You are also troublesome and the dogs are safe.
    Is to wash your dog healthy growth!

  2. Where are you Nanchang?
    I is also Nanchang's,
    generally cutting my body hair into a round shape with scissors. In order to maintain a good body shape and neat when trimming, the hair should be combed with a comb and then trimmed, and the tip of the ear should be cut into a circular shape. The tail roots are 1 cm wide with electric shear hair, so that the tail is curled from the back to the ear. The claw should be cut short, the long hair on the toes should be cut short, and the appearance looks like a cat's foot.
    In short, there are many cosmetic methods for dogs, and my country has not yet carried out work in this area. Each person can choose the appropriate beauty method in accordance with the characteristics of the dog's body according to the characteristics of the dog's body, in accordance with the requirements of longevity and shortcomings, covering defects, and highlighting advantages, to show the dog's "cool and heroic posture", making your dog more beautiful and more beautiful and more beautiful Healthy and cute.
    In cut, be sure not to cut the dog's skin!

  3. ah? My dog ​​is the same. I diy to cut her hair at home. Wow, her nervous one, I accidentally broken her skin. She was very angry and conflicted. In fact, it was normal. I do n’t think so much for myself. I ’m getting started. Her hair is much more thick than I think ~~~~ It’ s hard to get it. Pet beauty salon, summer is here, take her to trim Mao Mao, which is comfortable and beautiful, hehe ~~~

  4. It is best to go to the pet hospital for trimming it, because the doctor is more professional than you, he understands what you need to pay attention to during the trimming process. It is not expensive to cut the hair once in a pet hospital, and the average puppy is around 30 yuan. If you cut it yourself, you do n’t know if you are harmful to the dog first. Secondly, what if the dog moves and hurts it in the process of trimming? During the trimming process, hair will definitely fly everywhere, which is not only difficult to take care of it, but it may also cause trouble for the dog's breathing. For the health of the dog, go to the pet hospital to cut it.

  5. It depends on whether you are professional or amateur.
    see -level dogs: General Bomei (structured) is cut flat with flat, but it is not possible to cut it like a VIP Bomei Mao. R nThis and chest hair should be flattened before repairing the back and the waist cut into a plane (except the tail sticker) feet. Basically, it is almost the same, but the key depends on the structure and skeleton of the dog to cut
    The words of breeding at home. See you loved that you usually care about it.

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