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  1. 他不需要供电,因为芯片的使用有效期大约是15年,或者他是超过15年的,所以说他其实是远远超过动物或者犬的寿命,所以这个芯片可以终身相伴,其实关于这个问题,很多Human ideas are different from considering. I think it is very good, because he is the same as us, but it may be very cruel to some dog lovers. In fact, this is not cruel It is positioned to know everything about pets.

    It simply, pet chips are pet account cards, and he can obtain information on pets by scanning. At first glance, the chip is not very large. In fact, his positioning The method is also very simple. It is not as complicated and not so terrible that we imagine. In fact, this is like vaccination. Put it under the skin with a syringe and gently push it. It is probably the same as the potato chips and rice grains. For pets, the size of rice grains is implanted under the skin, and there is no special feeling at all.
    In X -rays, you can see the injected chip. The shiny small stick is that it will only stay under the skin and not go other places. When the rescuer wants to know the identity of losing pets, they do not have to do house to households home. Asked, they only need to scan the pet's back with a handheld scanner, and then they can immediately get its ID number and enter the database. The pet owner's contact information can be found in a few seconds.
    Moly lost pets can go home soon. Pet chips not only record the pet owner's information, but also record the physical condition and medical records of the pet. The problem, as long as he scans it, he can quickly call the pet's medical records and quickly understand all aspects of the situation.
    Is about how the chip implanted in pets work in the pet body is explained here.

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