4 thoughts on “Where can I buy regular pet dogs in Hangzhou? Can you say it?”

  1. Dear! There are pet shops and dog houses, but buying dogs mainly need to understand dogs, otherwise it is easy to buy high -priced dogs. I worked in Hangzhou before, bought a teddy dog, and gave good friends as a birthday gift. The boss selling Teddy was off the price of 1,800 yuan. I bargained with him, spent 1,600 yuan, and bought Golden Retriever home. I was very proud at the time, at least 200 yuan. But then my husband, I showed me a video, named: Hangzhou low -cost pet tutorial. After I watched it, I found that the Teddy I bought was very average, only 500 yuan, and spent 1,100 yuan more. Therefore, you must watch this video in Hangzhou to avoid buying a high price. Dogs. It took 4 minutes to write this answer, but I didn't want you to be pitted, I hope to help you. I won't say the extra words, I hope to really help you.

  2. Where can I buy a regular pet dog in Hangzhou? I think there is a pet shop in Qianjiang New City. You can go there to ask

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