5 thoughts on “Dogs are born with bad stomach, how to feed?”

  1. Avoiding the dogs can effectively protect the dog's stomach. After the dog's belly is cold, it is easy to cause dog diarrhea and abdominal pain, so we must give the dog a nest in daily life to avoid the dog lying directly on the cold floor, or sleep directly in one night. We can prepare a cushion at the kernel nest, or use some unused old clothes and Maibu and the like to avoid cold when the dog sleeps. This can effectively protect the dog's stomach. Causes gastrointestinal discomfort and even diarrhea.
    The stomach and stomach requires regular insect repellent. If there is no regular deworming, it will easily lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea, and even malnutrition. Dogs are easy to contact some unsanitary and unreasonable things, so in the process of raising dogs, we need to properly repellerate the dog. For the final way, it is best to choose regular insect repellent. In this way, the effect will be better. Of course, for the drug -repellent drugs, you can buy it in a pet hospital. Generally speaking, the price is not expensive.
    The diet should pay attention to the food that is feeded to the dog, it is best to choose some dog food that is easy to digest and absorb. Some people are greedy for cheap when choosing dog food, purchased at some unconventional channels or shops that are not safe to guarantee. Digestion is prone to occur. For the health of dogs, we must choose to buy dog ​​food on regular channels, such as large -scale supermarkets or physical pet shops, because physical shops are basically sold for their own reputation, in order to serve the surrounding customer groups, basically they are basically sold. Dog food is guaranteed.
    sm don't give the dog the wrong thing, especially some greasy and irritating things, don't give the dogs, because some irritating things and greasy things are not good for the dog's stomach, and even It will increase the burden on the dog's stomach.

  2. If the dog's stomach is not good, do not give the dog too much meat or other greasy and indigestible foods in daily diet, and do not give the dog too much bone. Dogs have poor digestion. It is best to give dogs a fixed, easy -to -digest food. Generally speaking, professional dog food brands can meet dogs' needs for various nutrients, and can also avoid stimulating the stomach of the dog. The usual eating habits must be good. Persist in regular and quantitative feeding, and do not often give dogs with extra snacks. This will make dogs develop the habit of eating badly. Irregular diet will only make the dog's stomach worse.
    The dogs are greedy. Regardless of how much food for the pet owner, they will eat light, and they always seem to be full. However, if the dog eats too much, it will damage his stomach. I have seen many owners encountered this situation. Therefore, for the health of the dog, it is necessary to regularly feed the dog. If there is a parasite in the dog, it will absorb the nutrition of the dog's body, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. If the parasite moves in the dog, it will cause diarrhea and vomiting. This situation will appear repeatedly, which will make the dog very uncomfortable. Therefore, for dog owners, it is very important for dogs to drive dogs regularly.
    The stomach of some dogs is not good, which is also caused by insufficient drinking water or often drinking fresh water, which will also cause feces to be too dry and difficult to excrete. Therefore, the owner should often change fresh drinking water for dogs. The digestive system problems or loss of appetite are mainly caused by the poor stomach of the dog. If the dog's stomach is not good, they are easy to get sick. Usually, you can feed the dog some probiotics to promote intestinal peristalsis and exercise the dog's intestines and stomach absorption.
    long -term consumption of inferior dog food will cause dogs to decrease in resistance, and it is easy to diarrhea if you eat wrong. Therefore, it is best to choose high -quality natural dog food with rich nutrition and probiotics, which is conducive to the absorption and digestion of the dog's stomach. Usually, it is best to eat less meals to feed dogs to reduce the burden on the stomach and help them store more energy so that the dog will be healthier.

  3. You can feed the dogs to feed some warm foods. You can feed the dog with some millet porridge or you can feed some batter for the dog. Before feeding, the food should be heated in advance.

  4. In the feeding, pay attention to the combination of vegetarian food to avoid overeating, drink plenty of warm water, choose some dog food with better brands and better taste, avoid some greasy things or irritating foods.

  5. Usually, you can put some medicines that regulate the stomach while feeding dogs, give the dog less spicy food, and equip some professional feed.

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