A detailed explanation of facial massage techniques

In fact, massage is mainly a combination of techniques and some instruments, causing certain stimulation to the human skin, this stimulation can find our skin parts, according to its meridians, and then according to your condition, or according to your needs, such a physical operation, it is on the human skin, mainly promoting blood stasis, dredging meridians, relaxing the skin these effects, Through these effects, can promote skin metabolism.

Enhance the local blood circulation, relax, care and repair the skin and muscles. The basic methods are mainly manipulation. There are also some instruments combined, such as fingers, fingertips, the parts of the rain, the palms, the backs of the hands, the elbows, and some auxiliary instruments, such as massage sticks and scraping boards. Or we can find some everyday things, such as the lid of a teacup, a tiny head. These things can be used, even a comb can be used.This is jade roller wholesale factory.

For example, the facial skin is relatively sensitive and soft, therefore we can't use extremely strong stimulation. We can use fingers, or soft massage sticks, or scraping boards to do it. Some skin is extra sensitive, so we can add some skin cream, massage oil, massage cream and so on before direct stimulation. On the skin first coated with a layer of protection and lubrication, and then through the manipulation, or the stimulation of the instrument to achieve the effect, so that the damage to the skin is relatively tiny, but also can achieve a better effect, like breastfeeding or pregnant women, not particularly suitable for some whole body massage, if the local massage is OK, like some special periods, For example, menstruating women are not suitable for some whole body massage.

If the person has a systemic disease, the physical condition is not very good, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even malignant tumor, these special periods, or when we catch a cold, try not to do massage, now people use their eyes very much, mobile phones, computers and other things, often need to use the eyes too much, then how to relax the eyes, For example, we can operate many acupoints around our eyes, such as eyebrows, temples, outer canthus, and inner canthus. We can operate all the points below the orbit. The relatively simple ones can be operated by pressing or smoothing them with the thumb or the light rain. But be sure, in a certain direction, don't say clockwise and counterclockwise. Let's say we're going from the inside out. That's OK.

This is very simple, but try to have a certain intensity, this intensity to let oneself can bear, and do not feel very pain, can not say that my strength is very light, oneself have no feeling, that is not good, can not say that the pain is unbearable, it is actually a kind of stimulation to the skin, gently to have a certain feeling, and then step by step, According to a certain direction of the law to do, every day to persevere, even some people three or four hours can do for a while, do a three minutes, five minutes is OK, such as we work for a long time, dizziness or some feel hypoxia symptoms, we can use local finger stimulation to stimulate the scalp, even some people with some comb, Take the comb teeth to the head massage this can be.

For example, in accordance with a certain direction, we take a comb to the scalp, knock on the heart, and then alter the direction, from the back to a comb, from the back to the front of a comb, every day can go to do thus, in fact, it is a great relaxation for themselves, a long time to do the body is a health care, is also extremely helpful to skin beauty!

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