4 thoughts on “What are the contents of the company's corporate culture wall?”

  1. 1. The company's rules and regulations

    In the management of the company, the rules and regulations are a difficult management tool and require all employees to comply, but the long -term rules and regulations are difficult to be remembered. Therefore, in the company In the prominent position, employees often see it and almost enhance their memory.

    . The core value of the company

    In general, the company uses simple and easy words as the company's core values ​​to keep employees remember. Posters to explain the company's core values ​​in the office, conference rooms and other places are not only easy to remember, but also allow employees to deeply understand the connotation and specific requirements behind the concept. What are the corporate cultural wall design?

    3. Responsibilities of each department

    The daily operation of the company is based on the department. The clear departmental responsibilities can allow each employee to know the specific tasks or goals of the team. They can make their own work arrangements in actual work, and make their work behavior have a standard.

    4. Corporate culture activities

    The operation of the company is based on the individual of each employee. The too serious and conservative wall culture can easily make employees constrained. Therefore, some content of corporate cultural activities can be added appropriately. For example, some companies have collected some events of the photos, important event display, and so on. What are the corporate cultural wall design?

    5. Reminder

    The wearing part is also an important manifestation of humanized care, such as weather forecast, birthday blessing, soul chicken soup, life -related policy development, etc. Employees can feel collective warmth.

    6. The history and prospects of the development of the enterprise

    has the goal of the enterprise without the company's goals, and the development of the enterprise cannot be long -term. Without the restrictions of the goals, employees will inevitably fall into chaos. Therefore, the company's development history is sorted out, supplemented by the display of corporate vision, so that employees can internalize the company's goals and continue to work hard for the company's long -term development. What are the corporate cultural wall design?

  2. Generally speaking, enterprises will use some simple and memorable words as the core values ​​of the enterprise, the purpose is to let the company employees remember. Therefore, the construction of the corporate culture wall describes the core values ​​of the enterprise in detail, which not only facilitates memory, but also allows employees to deeply understand the hidden significance and specific requirements behind the core concept.

  3. The corporate cultural wall contains the direction of enterprise work, the achievements of enterprises, the direction of the development of the company in the future, and the contribution made by enterprise employees, as well as the future development and core concept of the enterprise.

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