What is the reason for the small water output of the gas water heater?

Speaking of water heaters, everyone should be familiar with them. It can provide us with hot water and bring us a more comfortable bathing experience. However, sometimes when the water heater is used, the water output will become smaller, which is very uncomfortable.

In fact, if the water output of the water heater is small, corresponding solutions can be taken according to different reasons. For the water pressure problem, add a circulating pump to the water supply pipe to increase the water pressure, or replace the pressurized shower to enhance the water output; plumbing to solve.

Let's talk about it in detail

  1. Reasons for the small water output of gas water heaters
  2. Water pressure problem

If the water output of the water heater at home has been relatively small, or the water output is small during the evening peak period, it is generally caused by water pressure problems. Especially for high-level users, this phenomenon is very common. Low water pressure will lead to small water problems.

  1. The water pipe or shower is blocked

This is also a very common reason for the small water outlet of the water pipe. With the prolongation of the use time, if the water quality is not good, scale will adhere to the inner wall of the water pipe, which will cause the water pipe to become thinner, unable to transport enough water, resulting in smaller water output.

Another problem is that the shower is blocked. The shower has some small water outlets. If there are foreign objects, such as impurities in the water flow, etc., the water output will become smaller.see more:Best Water Heaters of 2022

  1. Water heater problem

This problem is similar to a clogged water pipe, except that the problem is inside the water heater. Although the gas water heater does not have a water tank, the copper pipes inside it will also form scale, causing blockage problems.

Second, gas water heater small water solution

  1. Increase circulation pump

The problem of low water pressure is solved by many high-rise buildings through secondary pressurization. Therefore, a circulating pump can be installed in the water pipes at home, and the water pressure can be increased by artificial pressurization, so as to fundamentally solve the problem.

However, when purchasing, you should choose a circulating pump with the right power according to the actual water pressure in your home.

  1. Replace the pressurized shower head

This is achieved by using the principle of pressure difference in water flow. Under the condition of constant flow velocity and tube length, the smaller the pore diameter, the greater the pressure. Just like the water outlet of a car washing machine, you can get different water pressures by adjusting the water outlet. The same is true for the shower head. Through the pressurized shower head, the water pressure is increased by changing the size of the water outlet and infiltrating air, so that the water outlet becomes larger.Also read:best 40 gallon propane water heater

  1. Clean the water pipe

If it is not a water pressure problem, the most important thing to consider is the blockage of the water pipe caused by scale. At this time, it is necessary to disassemble and wash the water pipe mouth, and clean the inside of the gas water heater to remove scale.

All in all, if the water output of the gas water heater is small, it is necessary to first find out the cause of the problem, whether it is caused by scale or water pressure, and then solve it in a targeted manner.

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