4 thoughts on “The budget is 350,000, do you think the 2.0T of the Mercedes -Benz GLB or GLC?”

  1. As we all know, with the arrival of Mercedes -Benz GLB, the Mercedes -Benz SUV family is more complete. To be honest, when I saw this domestic GLB at the Guang Automobile Show last year, I really sweated for it. After all, it is crazy to spend more than 300,000 to buy a small -displacement of 7 -seater SUVs? What is the difference between Mercedes -Benz GLB and GLC? Which is more suitable for home use? In layman's terms, they are the differences between big brothers and younger brothers. Mercedes -Benz GLC is one level higher than GLB. It is better than Mercedes -Benz GLB in terms of price, space, power, and configuration.
    It to say which one is more suitable for home use, you must choose according to your actual situation. Let's take a closer look at these two cars. When I first saw GLB, "safe" was my first impression. Its hard gas may not be as pure as G -Class, but it may be closer to GLS, and it looks particularly prominent against the background of the city's steel cement. It is not difficult to find from the G -Class of all ages that such a "square box" shape will never be outdated.
    of course, GLB also uses the latest family design. The hexagonal grille adopts the design of the opening double banner and the double -color bumper, which is quite "capable". First of all, the price difference between the two models, the market price of Mercedes -Benz GLC is 3998 to 47.12 million, while the market price of Mercedes -Benz GLB is 29.09 to 331,500. The difference between the two vehicles is basically more than 100,000 yuan. As the saying goes, Mercedes -Benz GLC is so much high. Of course, in terms of model positioning, GLC is positioned as a luxurious medium -sized SUV, and GLB is a luxurious and compact SUV.
    The body size, GLB's length, width, and height are 2829 mm. In order to consider the head space of the third row, GLB still maintains a sharp edges in the C -pillar position. , Meet the needs of Chinese people for "big". In terms of space, the Mercedes -Benz GLC is 4.76 meters long, 1.89 meters wide, a wheelbase of 2.97 meters, while the Mercedes -Benz GLB is 4.63 meters long, 1.83 meters wide, and a wheelbase of 2.82 meters. It can be seen that Mercedes -Benz GLC has a great advantage in size, that is, it is much better than GLB in terms of space comfort and practicality. Although there are 7 models of Mercedes -Benz GLB and only 5 GLC, GLB's actual space performance is not good.

  2. The 2.0T of Mercedes -Benz GLB should be purchased, because this car has good performance, sufficient power, comfortable seats, cost -effective, and spacious space, high cost performance.

  3. Buy Mercedes -Benz, because the presence of Mercedes -Benz's car on the street is still quite high, and it is also good -looking.

  4. You should choose Mercedes -Benz GLC, because this car is cost -effective, and the appearance is very beautiful. Many young people like it very much.

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