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  1. The time is uncertain, it may be sold immediately, or you may wait.
    The stock transaction time: The entrustment needs to follow the rules of "priority and time priority" for matching transactions. If the commission is sold, it is entrusted at the market price. There is a certain gap with the current price, and it must be sold patiently when the current price is consistent with the commission price. Time is uncertain.
    The expansion information:
    The principle of stock transactions
    Price priority principles
    Price priority principles refer to higher buying declarations to be satisfied with lower buying declaration, lower selling declaration priority priority priority Concentrated on the high selling declaration; the application for the same price, the applicant first is preferentially satisfied. When computer terminals declare bidding and brand bidding, in addition to the above -mentioned priority principles, market prices are prioritized to be satisfied with price -limited trading.
    Priority of transaction time Priority
    This principle refers to: in the order of oral singing and bidding, arranged in the order of the intermediary agent; when the computer terminal declares bidding ; During the bidding of the brand, it is arranged in the order of the intermediary agent. When it is impossible to distinguish, the intermediary agent organized a lottery decision.
    The principle of transaction decision
    This principle refers to the same price as the price of maximum buying declarations during oral singing and reporting, that is, the transaction. When the computer terminal declaration is bidding, in addition to the provisions of the previous paragraph, such as the application price of the (low) of the purchase (selling) party to the application price of the (buy) party, the average intermediate price of the declared price of the two parties; The declaration and unlimited declaration are declared, using the recent transaction price or the price displayed at the time.
    The principle of determination of the market price and the market price
    The first transaction price after opening the market is the opening price.
    Colonal closing the market on the day, the staff in the stock exchange placed on the market was drawn on the transaction record. The last transaction price on the online exchange was the market price.
    If there is no transaction on the same day, the stock exchange decides the market price on the day according to the trend of the market and the price.
    The method of commissioning buying and selling shares
    The appointment in person
    The person to entrusts the business office of the customer to the securities company, go through the entrustment procedures in person, and make a request to entrust the sale of securities. This is a traditional way of commissioning, which has the characteristics of stability and reliability. Small and medium investors usually adopt this method. But it is inconvenient for long -distance customers and customers with strong concepts.
    The telephone entrustment
    The telecommunications means such as the customer use the telephone, notify the business office of the securities dealer, and the salesperson fills the entrustment book according to the telephone content, according to the entrustment business. This method has the characteristics of convenience, decentralization and confidentiality, and large amounts of investors usually use this method.
    The telegram or letter commission
    The telegram entrustment can quickly and clearly send instructions to the securities company, but the content of the telegram is often too simple, which may produce errors in understanding.
    The letter of commissioning can instruct the content of the sale in detail, and it can be explained, but it takes time to do so. When the letter arrives at the securities company, the stock price may change, which will be favorable for the opportunity.

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