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  1. Banco de, Portuguese "Mozambique Bank".
    This monetary unit on the banknotes is "CEM Escudos" or "Meticais (Meticais)". At present, there is no direct exchange rate for Mozambique currency and the RMB, so no matter which one cannot be exchanged for RMB:
    1, Mozambique's old version of the currency 100 Eskado, Portuguese Atlantic Bank was issued in 1961 because Mozambique was Portugal at that time Portugal The colonies, so the currency unit is CEM Escudos like Portugal currency. After Mozambique's independence in 1975, it issued a new currency that stamped the word "banco de (Mozambique Bank)" on this currency. The new one is worth about 8 yuan in the banknote collection market.
    2, Mozambique currently circulates 100 Metica, a new one is about 6 yuan in the banknote collection market.
    In icons are the old version of Mozambique currency 100 Eskado (stamped with "banco de (Mozambique Bank)")

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