The four major banks push digital currencies are more convenient than WeChat Alipay! Netizen: I don't want to use it, dare not use

1 thought on “The four major banks push digital currencies are more convenient than WeChat Alipay! Netizen: I don't want to use it, dare not use”

  1. The change of payment change is coming. Ma Yun has released a proud saying, "If the bank refuses to change, then we will change the bank!"
    many years ago many people I think this is impossible, but I did not expect that the banks have really changed. The four major banks have reported news that internal personnel really conducts internal testing of digital currencies. Practical functions are better than WeChat Alipay! But after seeing the news, netizens said that they did not want to use or dare to use it.

    In the news shows that the four major banks built by workers and peasants are conducting digital currency tests: internal personnel inside banks use central bank digital currencies for transfer, payment, recharge, withdrawal and other functions Essence
    . Compared with software such as WeChat Alipay, the biggest advantage of digital currency is the function of "offline payment", which means that even if the mobile phone fails to connect, users can use digital currency to complete payment, or even use it even use Transfer of the mobile phone number is more convenient than WeChat Alipay!
    This worry many people: Will Alipay and WeChat's payment function be eliminated?

    In we know that the reason why Ma Yun can "change the bank" is that the convenience of "mobile payment" defeats the banknotes, which allows us to go out without a lot Cash, no longer worry about money being stolen by the thief. Surprisingly, netizens have new views on this more convenient digital currency: indicating that for banks, we are more willing to use Alipay.
    The comments of netizens are also amazingly consistent: how bad the previous service attitude of the bank is, and now it is still vivid!

    The netizens recalled that they needed one or two hours when they paid for withdrawal in the bank, and they would also show their face to the counter. Sometimes they are not even handled.
    The netizens said that sometimes the money deposited will become inexplicable, and it is better to believe in Alipay WeChat.
    The netizens have a lot of vomiting of banks. It seems that the bank was "not changed" a few years ago. impression.

    But the editor believes that the implementation of digital currencies will not become the cause of banks to return to the previous cause. Under the trend of the development of the times, digital currencies are very important. And the payment function of WeChat Alipay should stay for a long time, and the bank cannot return the previous situation. We can rest assured.

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