The first quantum entanglement map is exposed. What is the specific quantum entanglement?

What are the specific quantum entanglement?

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  1. Recently, the first time British physicists took photos of quantum entanglement, which made the quantum's particularly virtual things clear and clear. Although quantum entanglement has an important role in many fields, it has not been captured by people. The advent of this picture will help people better understand the entanglement of quantums and help the development of related industries.
    In in quantum mechanics, after several particles collide with each other, the characteristics of these particles have become a overall nature. There is no way to describe the nature of these particles alone. Called quantum entanglement. This phenomenon only occurs in the quantum system. In the classic mechanics we often say, similar phenomena cannot be found.

    The quantum entanglement is a concept of physics. It is strange for our usual life, but it has a great effect on our lives. Although we ca n’t see it, quantum is a scientific phenomenon that actually exists. Quantum entanglement is generally used in high -tech fields, and generally has a great role in computing and communication. Especially in secret communication, quantum entanglement has a unique role, which is mainly reflected in preventing theft of secrets and obtaining intelligence.
    In fact, for quantum tangles, we don't need to know too much, just know that it is helpful to our lives. We don't need to understand what kind of phenomenon of quantum entanglement is and the cause of quantum entanglement. This requires physicists to explore and explore, and physicists work hard to do these things. We only need to have a scientific literacy to correctly treat new things, making this world better.

  2. Quantum entanglement formula expressions
    In 1935, Einstein, Podolski and Einstein Podolsky and Rosen and others proposed a wave of quantum state:
    of which X1 and X2 represent two. The coordinates of a particle, the basic characteristic of such a quantum state is that under any appearance, it cannot be written as a direct accumulation of the quantum state of the two subsystems:
    The quantum state is called entanglement.
    The following contents were quoted from the "Future Forum" annual meeting entitled "Limit of Life Science Cognition".
    . There are three levels of substances:
    1 The first material is macro, which is what we can perceive and intuitive can be seen. Tiananmen and Forbidden City are material.
    2 The second level is micro, including things that cannot be seen by the eyes are also called micro. We can use the instrument to perceive and measure it. In intuitively Speaking of the planet that is 10 billion years away.
    3 The third level is ultra -micro substance. For this category, we can only theoretical speculation and verify with experiments, but never know what it is, including quantum, including photons. Although we know that particles can have spins and energy levels, energy, it is really difficult for us to understand through intuition. This is the ultra -micro world.
    Nevertheless, this world is the ultra -micro world that determines the micro -world, and the micro world determines the macro world. What are we? People are an individual in the macro world, so the essence must be determined by the micro world, and then the ultra -micro world is determined.
    has no doubt that I am a Xue Dingzhang equation, a form of life, and an energy form, but I do n’t know how to solve this equation, and I do n’t know how the thinking is arising. I believe that you should also believe that each of us is not only a pile of atoms, but a pile of particles.
    So we are really a pile of atoms composed of particles, so simple. How many atoms do we have? There are about 6 × 10^27 atoms, forming about 60 different elements, but there are more elements, but there are 11 species.
    The atoms are form molecules through covalent bonds, and molecules are gathered together to form molecular agglomerations, and then small cellulaers, cells, tissues, organs are formed, and finally a whole. But you will feel that no matter how you do research, you can't explain the consciousness of human beings, which transcends the level we can say and perceive. I think that to explain consciousness, it must be beyond the first two levels to investigate at the level of quantum mechanics. I think this is the case.
    . Is the quantum entanglement phenomenon that can be evolved?

    In 1935, when Einstein and Podolsky and Rosen wrote the famous EPR paradox, they proposed quantum entanglement.
    The word "quantum entanglement" was not proposed by Einstein, but was proposed by Xue Dingzheng. At that time, it seemed incredible.
    The quantum entanglement means that the two entangled quantums are not independent.
    When a quantum is measured, the other quantum that is far apart can be known to be known to it. It can be measured by association, which is incredible. But since such a simple phenomenon exists in the objective world, I believe it will be everywhere, including existence in our human body. Is this like this? Of course, that's it.
    How to quantum entanglement affects our lives, in fact, we don't know, why?
    Because this is not what we can feel with intuition.
    The many scientists have been looking for a long time and found that the microtubules in the nerve cells can form quantum entanglement, but the time scale of the microtubules is 10^(-20) second to 10^(-13) seconds, far less than less than less than The formation of human memory and consciousness. But he found it through the theoretical practice and he was experimental verification.

    It picture description

    . When placing phosphorus and calcium together, that is, calcium phosphate, when calcium phosphate is in the form of Posner molecule or cluster, , Its quantum entanglement time can be as long as 105 seconds!
    This can increase the duration of such a extremely vulnerable, extremely sensitive quantum entanglement phenomenon of the sound, light, electricity, and heat. Five quantities reached the level of the year, and the phenomenon of quantum entanglement is preserved in the year.
    If this type of push, one day, we humans will find that quantum entanglement is also a evolutionary phenomenon. It can save 100 years, one thousand years, and ten years.
    , that is, quantum entanglement, it exists in ancient times, and was preserved during the evolution.
    I wants to ask you four questions:
    1 The first question, do you believe there is the sixth sense? Many people say they don't believe it.
    2 The second question, is there any possible, two people will communicate in an unknown way? You may say maybe, you will not believe it as a certain problem as the first question.
    3 Is the third question, does the quantum entanglement exist in the human cognitive world? It exists in the brain? I believe that after listening to my lecture, you will feel very likely.
    4 The fourth question, is the quantum entanglement suitable for the material on the earth? You will definitely say that we must apply because we have proved it.
    But in fact, it is simply that these four problems are exactly the same problem. It means that there must be six senses, but we cannot feel it, so we are called "sixth senses".
    So what exactly is our people? We just came by a cell, that is, fertilized eggs. All fertilized eggs came from the same cell, the same group of substances, and one in a complex ones. The system of quantum entanglement is that simple.
    Actually I don't know what it is, but I believe it. Every time I breathe, I will consume 10^22 -way oxygen atoms into my body and enter the covalent structure. This bite of oxygen atoms with at least 10^4 or more, which is in a far -fledged corner in the world. People I have never seen have breathed at least once. This will be done within a month. I have been doing this. When two people are in a room, 63 grams of oxygen can be exchanged in each other's lungs a day.
    The development of science to this day, we see that the world is completely like a blind man. The world we see is tangible. We think it is an objective world.
    It the quality of the material we know only accounts for 4%of the universe, and the existence of the remaining 96%of the substances is what we don't know at all. We call it dark matter and dark energy.
    So blind people know the world like a science? It must be science.
    everyone touched the real existence, and they all existed objectively. They are all visible and touched. We are the same now. It's just that we don't know if it is the back of the elephant, the tail, or the ears.
    I think the limit of human cognition is that we are a bunch of atoms, we are in the macro world, but we hope to see the super -micro world through two worlds. It was the most beautiful and extremely beautiful world.
    three. How many things do we don't know about the world?

    The aspects of quantum satellites, the science of the quantum is: What did contemporary technology discovery at the forefront? Actually subvert the human world view!
    Our world, because of the latest science, all messy!
    The scientific achievements of the world:
    1. Dark substances
    1. How to find dark matter?
    The form of the universe we originally met was that the planet and the planet attracted each other through all gravity. You turned around, I turned around, and the planets were busy and orderly.
    But later, scientists found that the gravity between the planet and the planet found that the gravity of the planet itself is far from maintaining a complete galaxy. If there is only the existing quality of gravitational support in the galaxy and the planet, the universe should be a scattered sand.
    The reason why the universe can maintain the existing order is only because of other substances. And so far, we have not seen and found it so far, so it is called dark matter.
    1.2 What are the dark matter?
    The scientists must maintain the current universe's operating order and quality of dark matter, and the quality of dark matter must be 5 times to the substances we see now.
    .3 Is there a dark matter observed?
    does not really test dark matter now. It can only be discovered that the light is biased somewhere, and the area does not have the substance we can see or the black hole.
    1.4 Is the black hole dark matter?
    not. Black holes are not just out of light, it emits other rays, and it is still conventional substances.
    2. Dark energy
    2. How to find dark energy?
    This observation found that our current universe is not only expanding, but also accelerating the expansion. If you swell at a constant speed, you can also understand. But accelerating expansion requires new energy to join. What is this energy? Scientists are also unclear, named dark energy.
    2.2 How many dark energy is?
    This Calculated by calculating scientists, through the calculation of quality conversion equation E = MC2, to maintain the expansion speed of the current universe, dark energy should be more than double the sum of existing substances and dark matter.
    2.3 Did you find dark energy?
    So far, not yet.

    3. Quantum entanglement
    Modern scientific discovery, the study of material research, after entering the micro levels of molecules, atoms, quantum, is very unexpected. Revolutionary materials such as super conductives, nano -grade, and graphene have appeared, and miracles of cure cancer from molecular levels. The most amazing thing is -quantum entanglement.
    3.1 What is quantum entanglement?
    The scientific experiments found that two quantums that have no relationship will appear in different positions in different positions. If it is far apart (not a quantum -level far away, is a kilometer, light years, or even farther), there are no routine connections between one. And not coincidence.
    3.2 Is there any observation of quantum entanglement?
    The quantum entanglement was proposed by manager theory and verified by the experiment. Scientists have realized the entanglement of 6-8 ions. Chinese scientists have achieved a 13 -kilometer -level quantum entanglement splitting and sending.
    4. The world that disrupts
    4.1 The philosophical world of disturbing
    The originally thought that the world is material, no god, no special functions, consciousness is another existence opposite with material.
    Now I found that the material we cognitive is only 5%of the universe. Two quantums without any connection can be entangled like God. Putting consciousness to molecules, analyzing quantum state, consciousness is actually a substance.
    Since there are 95%of the substances we do n’t know in the universe, the soul and ghost can exist;
    Since quantum can be entangled, the sixth sense and specific functions can also exist;
    At the same time, who can guarantee that among these unknown substances, there are some substances or creatures that can completely affect our various states through quantum entanglement?
    So God can also exist.
    4.2 The collapsed physical world
    We all the physics theories now are based on the speed of light. According to determination, the transmission speed of quantum entanglement is at least 4 times at the speed of light.
    3.4 The inner world of collapse
    The technology has developed to this day. The world we see is just 5%of the entire world. This is not known to human beings 1000 years ago, and people do not know that there is air, magnetic fields, and unknown elements. Compared with the place of Tianyuan, our unknown world is much more, and it is unimaginable.
    The world is so unknown and humans are so ignorant. What other things must we have?
    Now we pay tribute to those who explore unknown.

  3. The super -distance effect in quantum mechanics is only in three dimensions of time and space. Only we will feel that it is a over -distance effect and does not meet the theory of relativity. The quantum itself is micro -to the extreme, and the folding space -time that we cannot feel in three -dimensional time and space can occur. The three -dimensional space -time obtained by our observations, the particles at both ends of the Galaxy are entangled with each other. This impact is carried out at the same time. I said, not at the same time! In the folding time and space, it takes time to pass the momentum. Even if the principle is not accurate in the three -dimensional space -time, it exists reasonable. From a more micro -time and space perspective, we cannot measure the distance and momentum of the particles of the folding space, or because of the constraints of three -dimensional space and space.

    It simply, quantum entanglement is that we have the role of particles in three dimensions and space in three dimensions, so that the set of particles has a connection in the space -time area of ​​three dimensions in time and space. From the perspective of our observations, their interaction affects the super light speed, and at the same time, at other time and space dimensions, the pair of quantum is very close, even together.

  4. In quantum mechanics, when several particles interact with each other, because the characteristics of each particle have integrated into the overall nature, the nature of each particle cannot be described alone. It can only describe the nature of the overall system. Wrapped or quantum entanglement.

  5. The quantum entanglement is: two quantum separation. No matter how far it is, one quantum changes, and the other quantum will change immediately. These two quantum states can not be connected at the same time but can affect each other at the same time.

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