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  1. The so -called quantum entanglement is actually the projection of objects in high -dimensional space in three -dimensional space. In high -dimensional space, they are the same objects connected together.

    In example, a table is placed on the ground, assuming the ant on the ground is two -dimensional. The table he saw was 4 independent feet. They were separated, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 Different objects.

    Is when people in the three -dimensional move this table, the ants see the four feet of the table moving at the same time. Of course, there is no time difference between them, which is super light. At this time, a smart ant said: Look, these four feet are entangled.

    This entanglement of quantum entanglement is the god of God, mainly due to some ambiguous exaggerated reports made by domestic mainstream media in order to cooperate with the propaganda policies, or the media people who do not understand quantum entanglement at all. The quantum communication that some mainstream media is talking about is not as magical as circulating in the world at all, what kind of ultra -light -speed communication is ... This is all the last words, and it will not be mentioned here. rn rn 实际上量子纠缠道理很简单,处于纠缠态的两个粒子,比如他们通过自旋状态实现相干性,它们因为要维持角动量守恒,所以必然是一个左旋,一个右Rotate. This is like a pair of shoes, or a pair of gloves, must be left to the other right. The process of observation is like I put a pair of shoes in two boxes and brought them to the United States and Britain. While I opened the British box and saw the shoes on the right, I knew the shoe in the box in the United States. In fact, this process cannot pass on any useful information between the United States and the United Kingdom. I know nothing but the types of another shoe. Of course, this problem is not as simple as I said. For example, there is still a micro -measurement principle, but there is absolutely no wrong direction error in this understanding.

    The discovery, this is not difficult to understand at all, but the media has been misleading the public.

    It looked at the previous answer, basically no one was clear and logical.

    The quantum entanglement is derived from the EPR paradise of Einstein.

    In first from the macro object:

    one static object momentum is 0, if spontaneous split into two pieces of quality, such as one to the east, and the other will inevitably west westward Because the amount of momentum is a vector, the two dynamic volume and still 0 are still 0. This is called momentum.

    It step further. The momentum is still conservative.


    It the micro world, there is a problem.

    The state of quantum is uncertain before observation, that is, it is a left -handed or right rotation, and it is not sure until the observation.

    If a micro -particle spontaneously split into two, one to the east and the other, is it left or right? This is related to whether the amount of momentum is conservative.

    I assume that the two particles have been separated for a light years, and you observe that the east particles are left -handed, then the western particles will be like mind, and the right rotation is instantly changed, so as to keep the momentum with the east particles conservation.

    So the so -called entangled particles are a pair of particles that keep the momentum.

    In someone will say that the two particles are actually determined at the moment of separation. We just see one of the left and the other is the right. of. This is exactly the origin of Einstein, that is, the origin of the EPR paradox. Later, many experiments proved that Einstein's view was wrong, and it was not described in detail here. (I didn't say that Einstein was wrong, only to say this is wrong).

    The experiment proved that Einstein's view is wrong, that is to say, the two particles are not sure at the moment of separation. Or the right rotation, and no matter how far apart, they present the correlation, one is the other, and the other must be the right, and it seems that there is an instant sensing. This is the origin of the entanglement effect. If not, the constant momentum will not be established.


    The special saying is that according to relativity, the speed of light is the upper limit of energy and information transmission. Therefore, the explanation of quantum mechanics is that two quantums are still a whole before being observed. This induction does not have any information transmission, and does not violate the principle of the fastest light at the theory of relativity.

    (So, by the way, the so -called quantum communication does not use the quantum entanglement effect to directly pass the information. Quantum communication actually uses quantum entanglement to generate keys, encrypts the plain text, and use traditional means such as traditional means. Fiber and radio are sent out. The essence is still a kind of traditional communication, because traditional methods such as fiber radio are still used. The full name is quantum confidential communication. The entanglement effect, crossing seawater disorders and submarine communication, and unable to monitor crackedness (even said that a large country is leading in quantum communication on submarines). After reading the above, you should know that this is all blindly discussing. Want to use quantum entanglement entanglement The effect of super light speed without medium -free transmission information, first overturn quantum mechanics).


    Summary, not any two quantums can be entangled. For example, the street is either any two men and women or husbands and wives.

    The entangled quantum is a pair of state uncertain, but it must also meet the two quantums that conservation of the same physical quantity, such as the angular movement conservation mentioned above. Once one of them is observed, because of the reason for that physical quantity, the other is determined and the state is opposite (such as to keep the angular volume conservation).

    The is the root cause of the two quantums, no matter how far separate the separation of the quantum, and the root cause of the opposite of the same state, there is no mysterious information transmission between them, which is entirely because of physical reasons. They are entangled to meet the same physical quantity conservation. Therefore, there is no information transmission in this process, neither violates the theory of relativity nor can it be used directly for communication.


    If you want to know, you can actually read the "Is God Roll Dice -Quantum Mechanical History" written by Cao Tianyuan a few times. Read several times.

    The netizens have responded one after another.

    . Let's comment:

    . Do not try to guess and explain quantum mechanics with the behavior of macro objects. Based on the results of the experiment. Physics is the science of the experiment.

    is that any explanation is best based on the existing maturity theory, because the existing theory is tested by experiments, logic, and standing. If you want to break through the existing theory, it is not impossible. If your new theory can do the best experiment, you can't experiment, at least you must be able to trust yourself logically. Otherwise, it is like a civil science imagination, which cannot withstand scrutiny.

    . I know, for example, if someone commented that a company is not good, a navy is attacking, and the naval in the world can be obtained in the same inch, and the same inch can launch a counterattack.

    The quantum entanglement phenomenon is called a ghost -like over -distance effect. The word "ultra -distance" is that most physicists do not like it because it has escaped the scientific category. At the beginning, Newton found the law of gravity. The only disadvantage was that the gravity of gravity from Newtonian Wanyou's gravity law was over -distance. Until Einstein proposed a general theory of relativity, the role of gravity was essentially explained. Essence

    The phenomenon of quantum entanglement is also proposed by Einstein, which is proposed in the context of the quantum mechanics Coppergen faction. Quantum mechanics and relativity are considered to be the two pillars of the 20th century physics. Einstein proposed the theory of relativity alone, and at the same time, it also contributed to quantum mechanics. However, the development route of quantum mechanics has become more and more "crooked", especially the intervention of Copenhagen factions, making it difficult for the physicists of the old faction to accept.

    It the principle of uncertainty of quantum mechanics, let Einstan nicknamed "God still rolls the dice?", and Xue Dingzheng also proposed the "Xue Dingzheng's cat" thinking experiment for this principle. The principle of uncertainty of the fundamental Hargen faction of quantum mechanics. With the development of the development theory, in May 1935, Einstein and two other physicists Podolski and Rosen published an article entitled "The quantum mechanics can be physically physical. Is the description complete? "The paper, this thinking experiment was named" ERP Experiment "as the first letter of the three authors.

    The thinking experiments are quantum entanglement, which refers to if there is a basic particle separated into A particles and B particles, and these two particles are separated to a long enough position. It is L -spin, then the B particles must be right. According to the principle of uncertainty, the spinning properties of the A particles and B particles are uncertain, and it will only be known at the moment of observation. Then there will be a situation. The A particle is determined to be a left -handed, so how does the B particle "know" the right spin? This is not a super -distance effect, then if the spin of this A particle and B particles is determined at the moment of separation, the principle of uncertainty will be overturned.

    It did not want to think about this thinking experiment for several days after I heard this thinking experiment. Quantum entanglement. In essence, no one can explain such a mechanism. There is also a saying that quantum entanglement is the projection of high -dimensional space in three -dimensional space. The reason why this ghost -like over -distance effect may have the fourth space dimension.

    If there is a two -dimensional space creature, from point A to B it requires a long journey, then if it can be reached instantly from the third dimension, this is an extra space dimension like "miracles miracles "". The super -distance effect of quantum entanglement is not so ghost.

    The people feel that quantum entanglement surpasses the limitation of time and space. Instant induction is very mysterious. As everyone knows, quantum entanglement is actually the most essential feature of the material world.

    The entire universe is actually a world of quantum. The quantum quantum constitutes electromagnetic waves and styles; The sea.

    and all quantums are in intricate entanglement. The entanglement between a pair of quantum is only a special case in countless entanglement.

    The ghost -like quantum entanglement can break through the limitations of time and space and complete it instantly? Some scientists say: Quantum entanglement at time to time can only come from high latitude. Because the quantum entangled in the higher latitude is the same particle in itself, such as two points from two points from a piece of paper to a pair of quantum entangled in three -dimensional space. One point becomes a point, and the three -dimensional space may be a surface of high latitude.

    . The cutting -edge quantum field theory and ring quantum gravity theory found in the study that the real structure of our lives "time and space ″ is emerging in the complicated quantum entanglement. This is the first to propose in the cooperation research of Princeton University and Stanford University in 2013. It is mainly based on the space -time structure of wormholes in the entanglement of black holes.

    It time and space comes from quantum entanglement, the result is that the world we see every day and the passage of time we feel may be just a "quantum hallucination ″. Because "time and space is not a place for quantum entanglement, but the product of quantum entanglement.

    The basic theory of modern science usually uses a hypothesis or model to explain the various phenomena and problems of our existing universe. When this hypothesis or model has great defects, it is not enough to solve science science The new problem found in the study is that they will be replaced by new hypothesis or models. Now I use a hypothesis to explain how the quantum entanglement surpasses the space and time to achieve instantaneous induction.

    It now there is a saying that the universe is a computer system. Everyone and all things in the universe are simulated by the computer. Liberty scholar Wang Dongyue's interpretation of the Tao of the Tao Te Ching is the program. Dao Sheng is one, two life two, two lives and three, and all things in the third life refer to everything in the universe evolved from the program. According to this idea, we can try to explain the problem of quantum entanglement beyond space and time.

    If the universe is a computer system, then the quantum superimposed state is due to the energy conservation requirements of the computer system. Therefore, the particles that do not need to indicate the state at any time are usually dormant, so the quantum is not in the stack, but the system does not express.

    If the universe is a computer system, not a computer, each material or every particle is a calculation unit, the calculation unit you need to use or the substance or particles that need to be involved in the universe changes, If you activate, you can sleep if you do n’t need it. You can understand this process as a synchronous accounting similar to Bitcoin. Then quantum entanglement can surpass time and space. You can understand it as the system efficiency. In the end, it is infinite. According to the fastest speed of humans, the instructions and information in the universe are undoubtedly inefficient for tens of billions of years.

    In fact, if the universe is a computer system, you can also explain many problems. For example, what is God, God is actually a administrator with certain special authority, exercising part of the management authority given to the system, this is this, this is this authorized, this is this authorized authority. It is also well understood that there are no special permissions. There is also the size of the universe. If the universe is the result of the computer system, then how large the memory is, how big the universe is, and the universe is set by the system. There is also a universe bang but a system of initialization.

    In this hypothesis, everyone is a participant in the universe and the creator of the universe. The universe is numbers. parameter. The evolution of the universe is the process of this system operation. Time and space are only parameters set by program settings.

    of course, this is just a hypothesis. As for what the real universe looks like, why quantum entanglement can surpass time and space, there may be countless explanations. Then everyone is benevolent and wise. Welcome everyone to discuss.

    I knows and can be demonstrated and demonstrated on the spot.

    The quantum entanglement, Einstein vividly calls it "a ghost -like over -distance effect", which happened after Einstein proposed a narrow theory, the narrow sense of relativity, all materials include information, including information The fastest transmission speed can only be the speed of light, and the super light speed is impossible. However, quantum entanglement this ghost -like over -distance effect made Einstein disgusted, so I published Rosen and Podolski published entitled "Can the quantum mechanics description of physical reality is complete?" "In the paper, in the thesis, they introduced in detail a ideological experiment, the EPR paradox, trying to refute the quantum mechanics at the time. They believed that quantum mechanics was incomplete.

    is the publication of this paper. So what is quantum entanglement? Can you explain it in popular?

    In example, you have a pair of gloves. Note that it is not a classic glove, but a quantum glove. Why is it a quantum glove? Because each glove is left or right hand or right hand It is uncertain, there is a 50%chance. At this time, separate these two gloves, one placed in Shanghai and one in Nanjing. Friends in Nanjing measured the quantum gloves placed here, and found that it was left -handed. When a friend in Nanjing knew the results, the quantum gloves in Shanghai were no longer a 50%probability of a superimposed state, but immediately changed to the opposite side of Nanjing's gloves, and became right -hand gloves. Remember, this is instantaneous and does not need time.

    It if it is not expressed in such a vividly, that's it: Now we have prepared a pair of electronic A and B in entangled, and their total spin is 0. After the preparation is completed, they will make them. When placed in Shanghai and Nanjing, when the observer of Nanjing measures the electronic A, it is found that the spin of A is found. Immediately change into a spin downward, and before that, electronic B is in the upper or downward stamping state.

    The quantum entanglement is indeed very mysterious. The mystery is that this entanglement is indeed over -distance. Einstein is disappointed, and the result is not as expected. If you want to ask what the physical mechanism behind the quantum entanglement is like, sorry, no one can answer this question at present. If anyone can explain scientifically, there is no doubt that the next world -class physics master is you.

    Okay, what are you waiting for?

    text/science dock

    The "ultra -light speed" recognized by the scientific community currently has two. Speed ​​ultra -light speed

    although these two ultra -light speed phenomena are large to not big, one is a quantum that cannot be smaller, but one of them is that they do not pass information. Therefore, it does not violate Einstein's narrow theory of relativity, but compared to the understanding of the universe, the phenomenon of quantum entanglement is still a fan of most people.

    It Liu Cixin In order to promote the plot of the sci -fi novel "Three Body", Liu Cixin specializes in the "quantum entanglement" into an ultra -light -speed communication method that can pass information. Interfering the accelerator on the earth, but in fact, in reality, the "quantum entanglement communication" has not yet seen the possibility of realization, and my country's quantum entanglement applications are only "quantum entanglement encryption".

    In a superficial metaphor, the two quantum in the process of quantum entanglement are like a pair of normal shoes made by shoe factories. If we discover one of the left foot shoes one day, then we You can determine that the other shoes must be right -footed shoes, and the right -footed shoes are far away from the fairy landlines that are far away from 2.54 million light years.

    The quantum physicist believes that although the two particles of each party are not connected on the surface, there may be some quantum rules that have not been discovered to maintain the relationship between them. What's more, even thinks that quantum entanglement of "ghost -like" over -distance effect comes from higher latitude space.

    The must have a lot of room for progress and development space for quantum mechanics. For the collective name of "quantum", there are many other people who need to learn.

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