Zhong'an Society (transliteration, Anshe Chung)

Zhong Anxian is a virtual real estate developer who sells and leased land and buildings in the "Second Life". "Second Life" is a online role -playing game, setting off a wave of business opportunities to earn real wealth online.

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  1. On July 21, 2003, Linden Lab launched a Second Life. It is based on the highly realistic experience built by virtual reality, which completely subverts people's imagination of the Internet. Since its establishment for 3 years, Second Life has flourished at an amazing speed. By December 2006, the Second Life had [] 3 million registered users, and at the rate of 200,000 users increased, the number of visiting users increased by 219%over the same period last year. While it quickly became popular among netizens, the Second Life also successfully attracted the popularity of the world's mainstream media in 2006. CNN, Reuters, "Commercial Week", "Line" "Economist" tracked the Second Life in a significant length. Obviously, people have found: a completely realistic "Metaverse" has entered our lives, and an unusual change is happening. In May 2006, Ailin Graef, a German female overseas Chinese, appeared on the cover of the American Business Week. This is the first person in the world to invest in a virtual world to become a millionaire. Her incarnation in the Second Life is Zhonganneshe (transliteration, Anshe Chung). Since joining Second Life in 2004, she has established a huge virtual real estate kingdom. Virtual shops and shares of several other virtual companies. Through the virtual real estate business, she earned 300 million L yuan, and according to the ratio of the virtual currency to the US dollar, the assets had reached 1.1 million US dollars (about 8.55 million yuan). She is the most well -known real figure in the virtual world, and is called Rockefeller in the virtual world by "Business 2.0". From the free trading of virtual products to the free circulation of currency to the exchange with real currency, the Second Life has formed a very large economic system, and the annual "GDP of National Production (GDP)" has reached 64 million Dollar. RoseDale and Linden Lab are also called Green Pan and the Federal Reserve by the Virtual World.

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