1 thought on “How to use Switch Fortress Night Stars”

  1. After receiving the reward, it will be used automatically. Star upgrade battle. 10 battle stars are equal to a rank.
    1. There are 100 levels of combat pass per season, and every 10 battle stars can increase the battle permit 1 level. With the rise of the pass, players will get the corresponding game rewards. Warfare is just a mark of recording the passage level.
    2, Fortress Night War Star is very diverse, and a different task will be refreshed daily. As long as you complete, you can get the corresponding 5 battle star rewards. Our season will have seasonal experience every season. The improvement of the season level will also bring rewards of war stars, and the season level reaches a certain level will also get rewards.
    3, Fortress Night will be renamed the hero season card () in the seventh season, the hero season card is the same as the battle permit, and different task challenges will be unlocked every week. When we complete the task Essence If we complete the challenges throughout the season, we will get a reward of 50 battle stars.

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