How to get the Activity Code of the Fortress Night Activation Code to get a list of ways to get the activation code

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  1. How to get the activation code of the Fortress Night?
    This Night activation code obtained: "" "" "Click to enter" "
    " "Fortress Night" officially released announcement, announcing "Fortress Night" national service will officially log in to Wegame on July 24th platform.
    "Fortress Night" will officially land on the Wegame platform on July 24. At that time, we will first open the experience of some reservation players. Players can go to the official website (FN.QQ) to check the qualifications and download the game via WeGame.
    An the opening of the country's service, all players can log in for two days to receive the fifth season hero medal on the official website event page. Players who have previously purchased the Hero Medal will automatically receive a reward of 950 V coins.
    It to ensure the smooth experience of "Fortnite Chinese Edition" players, we will directly open the national service experience for all Chinese versions and relocate all data including V coins.
    is to successfully complete the relocation, "Fortnite Chinese Version" will be stopped and maintained from 0:00 on July 21 to 21:00 on July 24. After maintenance, "Fortnite Chinese Version" will be uniformly changed to the Wegame version, and the national service will be officially opened. Players with a Chinese version of the client can directly enter the national service through upgrading the client; other players please go to Wegame to search for "Fortress Night" to download or download it on the official website.
    In the opening of the country's service, EPIC needs to repair the in -game recharge function. Players will temporarily unable to use the recharge function, nor can they purchase the guardian home mode. Players who have purchased the guardian home mode in "Fortnite Chinese Edition" before, can continue to enter this mode after the national service is opened. Please pay attention to the official announcement when the recharge function is opened.
    In future national service will uniformly use the Wegame platform service. We will also join forces with the EPIC team to provide Chinese players with a smoother and fair gaming experience. Looking forward to seeing more players in the national service, playing bad battlefields together, hi to the end!

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