5 thoughts on “Why can't Taobao be paid free of charge?”

  1. For most people now, in fact, whenever we want to buy something in our live It is also very good, so Taobao also calculates a shopping software, so some people will have such doubts, that is, why does Taobao be unable to pay secret payment? The answer to this question, in my personal opinion, I think it is likely that because it has not been successfully opened. Generally, the payment -free payment is the default opening to the following. Let's take a closer look.
    1 We are unsuccessful
    Is all know that if we want to set up secret payment in the mobile phone, we have the function of on Taobao. Open the payment -free payment. At this time, we can be paid directly during the payment process. However, if Taobao cannot be paid free of charge, I think it is likely to be because it has not been opened or there is a problem with the mobile phone settings.
    2 Default
    generally has a certain understanding of people who have opened the function of secret payment in Taobao. Generally, we do not require us to take the initiative, and sometimes it is opened by default, that is, if the amount is limited within a certain range, we can realize the function of transaction without paying a password.
    In my personal understanding, in fact, we generally say that the secret payment is exempt, that is, people usually understand the flash payment function. We do not need to pay the password during the transaction, so we will bring us to bring us again It must be good, and there are great disadvantages at the same time. For example, when our mobile phone is lost, if others pick up our mobile phone, it can buy things directly online without password payment. Can. In this case, it will bring us a lot of losses, so I think this phenomenon is very scary, so generally we need to set a password. If it can't be opened, it is recommended not to open it.

  2. The most important reason for being unable to open this channel is that Taobao does not use such procedures to protect some of the rights of consumers, so it is not easy to use this way to pay, but also to hope that everyone can be safe.

  3. Taobao cannot open a secret payment, indicating that your Taobao account or Alipay account may just be just registered, and you need to use it for a period of time.

  4. To open the secret payment, you need to open the payment settings on the setting page of Alipay, and then select the secret payment before you place an order on Taobao without a password payment.

  5. Because if Taobao opens secret payments, the security of property will be severely hidden, and the psychology of criminals may be created.

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