According to now, which one is more potential for LOL and DOTA?

LOL is now getting more and more popular with DOTA, which is very painful. Which one is more potential?

6 thoughts on “According to now, which one is more potential for LOL and DOTA?”

  1. dota这种东西是一种竞技,就算再老也会有人玩(例如星际)而lol相对dota来说潜力更大,但是dota2比lol潜力更加大- -lol毕竟是仿dota类网游而且,最重要One point is here, TX proxy, do not explain!

  2. LOL is getting hotter and laughing. It is LOL's advertisement becoming more and more popular.
    Dota does not have the new WCG to let DOTA compete (WCG and Blizzard Napson. WAR3 is out.), Icewa can't make DOTA2 (it is difficult to make a game, then there is time to follow the new) Because DOTA2 is separated from War3's platform,
    . As for DOTA2, except that the heroine is too bad, the picture is not a problem for those who have always played European and American games. Is the picture good?
    As for DOTA2 scolding, I did n’t see the truth. At that time, CMM had made DOTA out, and DOTA2 came to the game.
    Is to adopt.

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