3 thoughts on “Agricultural Bank of China online banking was frozen”

  1. 1. If the system prompts that "the business has been frozen", it may be that the withdrawal password of the card is locked. Withdrawal passwords within a day, any channels will be locked 3 times in a row, and will not be unlocked automatically. 2. The card owner himself holds his valid ID, bank card and password, and handle the password unlock in any of the country's nationwide agricultural bank outlets (excluding Hong Kong and Macao); the password unlocking must be handled, not charging for the time being. 3. If you forget to pay the password, the card owner himself holds his valid ID, and the bank card in any outlet (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) to handle password loss reset.

  2. This needs to be unlocked at the bank counter. It is not frozen in 24 hours. Only lock online banking, you can still get money in reality.

  3. If the password is wrong, the number of times that exceeds the specified number of times is frozen, and it cannot be automatically thawed. You need to hold a bank card and ID card to the open bank to thaw or reset the password. Essence

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