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  1. 1 Hero attributes and skills introduction:

    The silent warlock, also known as SEQ, DOTA world gods, various images and various imba, once lonely, but when if IF releases its true body, many halo One of them, immediately changed his position.

    473/473HP attack 39-61 strength 17 ( 1.7)
    273/273 mp attack speed 1.47 16% Agile 16 ( 2.1)
    Reerexic range: 600 armor 1.3 Intelligence 21 ( 2.5)
    Movement speed: 290

    Torture a goal within a range. The target continues to lose a certain amount of life and magic value every second until he uses any skill. Getting distance: 700, graphics range 350.
    Loss of 50 points and 25 magic values ​​per second. It consumes 105 points for 2 seconds of magic and the cast interval is 25 seconds.
    Level 2 -loss 50 points and 25 magic values ​​per second. It consumes 115 points in 4 seconds of magic and the cast interval is 25 seconds.
    Level 3 -loss of 50 points and 25 magic values ​​per second. It consumes 125 points in 6 seconds of magic and the cast interval is 25 seconds.
    Level 4 -loss of 50 points and 25 magic values ​​per second. It consumes 135 points in 8 seconds of magic, and the cast interval is 25 seconds.

    The wisdom blade (w)
    The spell enhancement of the blade of the silent warlock. Falunctional effect hero attacks sacred (magic) damage
    electric fan, dedicated to intelligence reduction, after the revision, the sweater tears is full of face.
    level 1 -15%of each attack of additional intelligence is used as additional damage.
    -30%of the additional intelligence at each attack is used as additional damage.
    -45%of each attack of additional intelligence is used as additional damage.
    level 4 -60%of each attack of additional intelligence is used as additional damage.

    The last words (L)
    The enemy units that all under the aura will be silent after applying a skill, and it cannot be applied for a period of time. The scope of action is 900.
    The ring of SEQ, those who died in front of SEQ have to deduct their intelligence.
    Level 1 -last 0.75 seconds.
    level 2 -last 1.5 seconds.
    level 3 -last 2.25 seconds.
    level 4 -3 seconds.

    The silent in the whole field (e)
    This to prevent all enemy units on the map from using magic. Ignore magic immune
    level 1 -3 seconds.
    level 2 -last 4 seconds.
    level 3 -5 seconds.

    Level 1: Magic consumption 250 points, and the cast interval is 120 seconds.
    level 2: Magic consumption of 350 points, and the cast interval is 120 seconds.
    Level 3: Magic consumption of 450 points, and the cast interval is 120 seconds.

    2 Equipment construction and plus points of cognition:
    61 version skills renewal changed the embarrassing human stick status, now he is more like a discordant manufacturer. But the attribute He has not changed as fragile as before! However, the past and the existence of the chicken ribs and the curse of chicken ribs were previously pursued, so that he was disgusted by passers -by who was mixed on the edge of the advanced edge. Now the silence has 3 people with 3 active skills (although it was before). The battlefield. The operation has more exercise.

    It thinks that meat is still the theme, but what kind of meat can protect him in the early battle to support the end of the battle? Challenge mek or pioneer? Three items worth more than 2000 are the most cost -effective and smooth -blooded items in the early stage?

    Challenge: 350*2 400 950 = 2050
    Pioneer: 875 250 1100 = 2225
    mek: 350 53 200 53 200 200 900 = 2306

    The actual combat test, without any HP bonus challenges, in the early stage, it is a waste in silence, the skills can't let you die, follow two steps to follow the direct A to die. Full skill. When the Sinking 10th level is added to level 10, it is barely 1,000 blood, which is too tragic.

    . Pioneer and MEK's PK: Pioneer is cheaper than MEK, MEK is smoother than Pioneer, Pioneer single meat is strong, and the MEK team Strong role and promotion ability.

    , but the silence of the early main skills is very lacking! This is the most critical place. In the state of full magic, it can only support a large and then C twice, and a few times. Where can I add Mek to you? Therefore, I think that the fleshy effect of the early pioneer is better than that of MEK. The quality of one item always depends on whether he can use it to reflect it. And the two pieces of meat have no essential conflict. You can continue mek.

    Next to look at the data, with the silence of Pioneer 11, there will be about 1300 HP (including several valuable magic rods). R n Assume that according to my 22 plus points: level 2 cursed level 2 aura, the full method of the full method.

    In a team battle, first move and C, create an AOE200 once Reduce blood, w*n, and make up a C to continue chase when the team battle is near the end. There will always be a few unlucky eggs in the confrontation between the two sides to trigger your aura. In case of which Mangzi has braid before you, then you you There are also intelligence gains, and RZ eggs like the deep -sea giant beasts are the ultimate goals of SEQ.

    In the pioneer to supplement the fake legs. This is also a kind of meat. Talk to me, the power and attack speed of the fake legs are important to silence. After completing the meat, he needs to temporarily supplement a return magic outfit.

    observed all the magic items, I found that only a blowing stick is more suitable for him, why? It is cheap and smooth, useful. In large parts of the sheep knife, the DPS and control effects of the sheep knife are indeed very strong, but the silence of the meat has the opportunity to go to the sheep knife, and the halo makes him a must participate in each battle, so The small piece of smooth returning magic costume is more suitable for him. The blower's effect on silence is still very large. The self -protection and hiding skills blow himself up, restricting the hunting and killing the opponent. The improvement of the movement speed makes him more flexible. Fantasy dance steps are even better.

    The early survival control installation
    This in the mid -term push team installation.
    The later when there is money, you can choose to continue control or continue meat.

    Add point:

    The person who claims that only 2 points except the ball, depending on whether the situation is full in the later stage, the yellow point in the early stage or yellow point.

    3 Main strategies and restraint heroes and natural enemies:
    This SEQ, now it is completely a soy sauce party. More than 30 sacred injuries, hitting the same as hairy rain on the body. But the role of the group is quite IMBA now. Silence is completely a mentally handicapped killer. The more and more intellectual killing of some mentally handle makes the tragedy life even more tragedy. This is the purpose of the life of SEQ.

    With SOLO's capital. Encountered traditional 3 hegemony: Bank VIP will not be too miserable, especially for 60 hot VIPs, make it burst into tears in the early stage, without any active skills, click to dying. R n The flow of the beast captain TC in the middle of the road is easy to press.

    . There are still heroes that can't be suppressed, such as DP SS SF and Black Birds. Can't hold it. In addition to the middle road, the side cooperation can also play a good role. The whole body skills are divided into treasure. Tiger, fierce.

    I ca n’t live in the melee, weaken a grade by the leading team battle. Of course, there is no change in the ability to fight soy sauce. It is to become a person's stick and then be instant seconds.

    The summoned little brothers, such as the little spider Little monkey, a various jets of BIU have a sherson on you, and SEQ is ending .seq is most afraid of these workers. There is no AOE as a hero of SEQ. Then give up using this hero who looks very coquettish.

    4SEQ's halo is invincible, and others do not explain! Intersection Intersection

    SEQ said, in fact, I just came to make soy sauce. I do n’t know what to steal intelligence. I do n’t know what the door is. I want to remember who I want to remember! I am SEQ. Whether it is DOTA or a virtual 2 dimension world, I have the most IMBA loan halo. As for the halo -halo legs B halo, it is not correct. .

    The warlocks
    passers -by: Carry (translator: person who leads the team victory),
    cw bureau: can do SUPPORT.
    advantage: 1. Warlock attack animation is very good, so that you can easily surpass your opponent at 1V1.
    . His secretive surgery can be used to harass those weak Soloer, or bring hope in the face of some powerful double combinations. Not to mention his "little" baby, countless people want to see it ... dead.
    3. These are why I want to write a guide for him: he is easy to get started, but in the hands of an experienced player, he can also make great coloring in high -level games.
    2: Skills reviews, routes and usage methods
    doom connection

    mechanism: consume 120, 30 seconds of cooling, last for 25 seconds, the release distance is 600. The distance between the links cannot exceed 600. The connected units will bear 3.75/7.5/11.25/15%.
    shared damage that shared on HP will not be reduced, but it will not be used as a magic free exemption. The unit and cannot be faked. Dodge dodge. (Translator: The official instructions for "pseudo. Dodge" will be given in the future)

    It how to use:
    The terror of this skill is that it allows you to get great advantages in team battles And it has made your AOE potential to the extreme, which will definitely surprise the enemy. Of course, you can also use it to clear the soldiers, but generally, it is better to leave the hero that is left to the other party. In the team battle, try to put it on the right hero, so that he will share the damage to other heroes instead of dividing it to the soldier.

    In secrets

    mechanisms: 90/110/130/150, cool 24 seconds, last 8 seconds, release distance 500. Treatment or damage target, every every way Life at 10/20/30/40 in seconds.
    The magic damage can be reduced by magic resistance, and it cannot act on the magic exemption unit.

    Clash use: your housekeeping skills. You can stand still in front of strong enemies, and you can use it to suppress the opponent's solo hero and let him lag behind you in terms of level and skills. If you are in danger, you can use trees and secrets to make your life be supplemented in a short time. It can also be used to solve the heroes of red blood escape or enhance your survivability of your hell fire.

    The dramatic transformation

    mechanism: 100/110/120/130 magic consumption, 20 seconds of cooling, continuous release time for 10 seconds, 700 release distance, 650. A minus per second, minus per second Slow enemy speed is 7/14/21/28%, with an upper limit of 84%.
    does not act on the magic free unit.

    This: A skill that many people still can't use it correctly ... including many professional players and me. In my life, I have only seen two players who can use it well, but there are no ancients, no one. I think it still has a great potential to discover, I believe it will get rid of the status of the bench skills in the future (this is why I put this strategy in a public discussion area instead of a natural disaster strategy area. I hope there can be more people. Let's discuss its usage). What I have seen before was that the hell fell down, or other Disable skills began to release, and the warlock immediately released the drama. 80%of the deceleration is very fatal to most heroes, let alone those who are born with short legs, like shadow shaman, land essence or something.

    The rain of chaos

    mechanism: Hell fire dropped gold coin 100/150/200, experience value 98. Hell fire with 33%magic resistance, plus its heroes The 25%magic resistance brought by the armor, its magic resistance is 49.75%.
    how to use: your flame baby. This little monster will cause fear and great damage to your enemies. Since I will write more about it below, so I will go here first.
    3: Hero equipment route, alternate equipment, and how to use them
    3.1 Core equipment
    [Shoes] [Templane ring]
    3.2 Middle and late stages
    [Sheep Knife] [Shoes of Speed]
    (Wanjin oil that can be competent in any level of games)
    [Dead Spots] [Flying Shoes]
    [Dark Destroyer] [Fake Legs] [Fighting]
    (Passerby | Carry pretend) [refreshing glorious] [ice eye/west tile]
    Situation) Melken] [Flying Shoes] [Large Eyes]
    (CW | SUPPORT, Eye)
    3.3 Discussion
    The warlock does not need a lot of equipment to contribute to his team, This is why the temple Melken pretend can be popular, so I also use them as my core equipment. A artist mask can meet your MANA needs in the early days. If you want, you can even use artist mask branches tree to start. But in fact, the warlock does not rely so that MANA, you have to try to use your secrets reasonably. The armor aura provided by the temple ring is very useful when it is advanced, and it can also improve the EHP of your hell fire (translator: the effective value of life after the armor). The head ring and the wrist care can also be considered, which depends on whether you need more equipment to ensure your survivability.

    This refreshing is the most traditional equipment route that makes you a war machine that can release two hell fire. It will be very useful to have additional deceleration capabilities in this set of equipment, so I recommend you to come out of ice armor or ice eyes later. The deceleration effect makes your hell fire easier to hit the enemy, and at the same time, the sacrifice effect can also cause harm to the enemy to a greater extent. You can use this set of play in selectively in passers -by, or you can use it to fight against the lost enemies ... Of course, it is also possible to use other equipment routes.
    (Translator: a controversial place in this article. Facing the lost enemies, it is a strategy or a policy? Will the author further explain the author at the end of the article)

    sheep sheep The powerful deformation of the knife attached to make it one of the best intellectual equipment in the game. It provides good damage, and additional magic reply allows you to apply skills at will. There is no doubt that sheep stick is the best choice for most of your cases.

    This is actually very simple to use the necromancer. If you want to win in the battle of eye, this book can help you. You can complete the eye -catching work by a small amount of money, so that your teammates will invest money on their own equipment. This set of play is similar to Merkel's play (translation: all do SUPPORT), but the former focuses on the eye (translation: foreign countries have an exclusive term for the person to give the eye: Ward Bitch. Everyone will like it. Bar XD) The latter is to treat teammates, allowing the team to advance earlier, suitable for fast -paced games.

    In view of the high basic damage, excellent attack animation and skills that connect the enemy's life together, the deepening of the damage will have a good performance on him. If you are tired, or have a high delay, or just drink too much, then you can use that set of DPS. You don't need too much micro -exercise, as long as you simply Hit

  2. Silence SS is actually a high -output DPS. The survivability is not strong. So stand at the end of the army. Equipped with excessive smooth purple garden. Essence You can also walk overly difficult sheep knives. The two are terrifying regardless of damage and attack speed. After all, the silence of silence is to calculate intelligence.
    The warlock: Warlock passersby battle, I hope you go to the DPS genre. The warlock has absolute attribute advantages (textbook -style skills learning genre- 1, yellow point 1, yellow point ...) So replenishment will bring huge economic advantages. For DPS, we all know that the DPS of standing is a powerful DPS. In the early and early stages, the warlock's milk skills are undoubtedly the advantages that other DPSs have.
    The method: Before using the method, learn to control F ---- this may allow you to kill perverted in 15 minutes.
    2, it is best to be a butcher.

  3. The silent warlock, the individual's positioning is DPS, the spell is interrupted, and the COMBS.
    Because he has less blood, the standing position must be rely on, relying on the control of his teammates and the shield of the meat shield, and the output is stable in the back. Silent ballistic is good, you can press the person in front, and the knife must be good. He needs a knife to make up, and at the same time he needs the equipment advantage. Waiting for equipment, very tiger. I used silence to drive the entire team to win the opponent. There are money sheep knives, no money to pend the pendant, pay attention to the blood before, prevent the second.
    The warlock: an excellent assistant, very good milk in the early stage, but you can hurt himself, the ballistic is first -class. In the early stage of hell fire, you can directly chase to guys who have no shoes. Take the tower and control well.
    A good warlocks must buy eyes, control the field of vision, assist teammates to take people, take care of the heroes in the later period
    : Absolute GANK, do not do DPS without certain advantages. Then you can challenge the flute, pioneer, and the heart. E R can chase the dead before, T can be gank, or kill, and more to escape (the specific release of the situation). R can kill the blood, it should be considered as good, because the full -screen flying time can also be used to control the symbols. Generally, the context is controlled in front of the clockwork. , Basically, their positioning.

  4. The silent warlock is a late period ... more late than the phantom thorns! Intersection Intersection You have to wait until the blue stick, Ziyuan, Lincoln are all good before you can use it!

    It do not want to kill the door. With the magic, the bidding skill is automatically released.

    The warlock
    The refresh, then support the blue, put the hell fire

    It is pure in the early stage. Two wrist cares, one crazy, can kill people with double shoes, and kill and kill! Do n’t pay attention to your hooks send yourself over, but do n’t treat it as a butcher's hook ... Open the artillery, then the hook passes, and then open the parts, haha ​​... it is your person.

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