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  1. The law of Okham razor was proposed by the 14th -century logicist Okham. The content is "Do not waste more things to do less things. Our organizations are constantly expanding, the system is constantly improving, and more and more documents, but the efficiency of the organization is getting lower and lower. This forces us to use "Okham Razor" to use simple management and simplify complexity to simplifying into simplification to simplifying into simplification. , Simply make complex things.

    The laws of Occams Razor (OCKHAMS RAZOR), also known as "Okang's razor", is a logical scientist from the 14th century England. William of Occam, the monk of St. Francis, proposed.
    The principle is called "if there is no need, don't increase the entity", that is, the "simple and effective principle" . Just as he said on the title of "Proverb Book", "Do not waste more things to do, use less things, can also do well. "

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