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  1. 1. The principle of Okham Razor is also known as Okang's razor. This principle is by a logicist of the 14th century. Okham proposed that the principle of Okham razor only acknowledges the existence of things and believes that those empty universal nature Everything is useless, it should be shaved. Okham advocates the economic principle of thinking and economic. When summarizing is unnecessary, do not increase the entity.

    2. The principle of Okham Razor is simple to maintain the simplicity of things, grasp the fundamental, solve the essence, and do not arrange the complexity of the matter, so as to effectively deal with things effectively.

    3. Solomonov's induction and reasoning theory is the mathematical formula of Okam razor: in all the computing theory that can perfectly describe existing observations, the short computing theory is estimated to be next time next time The probability of observation results has a large weight.

    4. The source of the principle of Okham razor can be traced back to the early philosophers such as Dunis Sin each (1265–1308), Robert Gross Tamster (1175-1253),, 1175-1253) Mormonid (Moses Ben Mimon, 1138–1204), and even Aristotle (384–322 BC).

    5. The law of the law of Okham razor advocates simplification laws. The law of Okham razor believes that the simplification of maintaining things is the most effective way to deal with complex and tedious things. This principle was widely used in management.

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