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  1. Occams Razor (OCKHAMS RAZOR), also known as "Okang's razor", is a logicist of England in the 14th century, William of Occam, the monk of St. Francis. It was proposed until 1349).
    The principle is called "if it is not necessary, don't increase the entity", that is, "simple and effective principle". Just as he said in "Proverb Book Note", "Don't waste more things to do, use less things, can also do well."
    This is this After the razor is out of the sheath, the philosophy and Christian theology, which has been shaved for hundreds of years, has completely separated science and philosophy from religion, which has caused the Renaissance and religious reforms that began in Europe. Religious secularization, formation of religious philosophy, complete the separation of worldwide politics and religion, and results show that atheism is more realistic. At the same time, this razor has threatened many people, and is also considered heresy, and William himself is also hurt. However, this has not damaged the sharpness of this knife. On the contrary, after hundreds of years, it has become faster and has long surpassed the originally narrow field and has a wide range of extensive, rich and profound significance.

  2. Okham Razor Law

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