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  1. Earn 6 billion through investment.
    2013 Wang Jianlin gave him 500 million to make his own entrepreneurial business, and left a classic famous sentence that "give me back to work". Full. According to statistics, in the past 4 years, he has made 6 billion assets by these 500 million yuan, which has turned 12 times.
    In the 2018 Hurun Wealth Ranking, Wang Sicong ranked among the top 20 of the wealth list in the 80s, and has a value of more than 5 billion yuan. Famous.
    Extension information:
    5 billion yuan for 6 billion yuan, investing in unicorn companies
    Wang Sicong used his father Wang Jianlin to give 500 million yuan to create Pusi Asset Investment Company, and it is 100 % controlled. In addition to this company, Wang Sicong also invested in a unicorn company, which is Shanghai Installation Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Wang Sicong holds 2%of the shares in his hands. If you mention this company, there are not many people who know, but if you mention the poison app, it is estimated that no one knows, especially those boys who love to play basketball. This software, known as the "Men's Edition Little Red Book", Wang Sicong also specifically promoted it for it. It can be seen that Wang Sicong paid for this software.
    In 2018, the Poison APP reached its peak of life, with a total monthly turnover of more than 200 million. The total turnover of 2018 exceeded 3 billion yuan. After walking on the peak, you will start to go downhill. This is like a curse. The same is true for the poison app. Because it is only made of sneakers, it is difficult to open other markets. Since the end of 2018, the Poison APP has fallen into the dilemma of development.
    In addition to its own development, it was in trouble, and in early 2019, it was also caught in fake shoe storms. The poison APP on the cusp of the wind is ushered in a new round of financing in April 2019. Investors are DST, which once invested in giants such as Alibaba and Xiaomi. With investment, the Poison APP has changed its previous slump, and even valuation has exceeded $ 1 billion, formally marching into the unicorn industry.

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